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Watch 30+ Tesla Roaster Rally on YouTube!

Chelsea Sexton
& The ELLE Biodiesel Eco-Salon & Spa Bus
(Ecorazzi interview by Anna Griffin)

Premiere of
'Who Killed the Electric Car?'
L.A. Film Festival
Westwood California
June 24, 2006
Chelsea Sexton & Dave Cutter
Frances Fisher & Amy Smart

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Trailer for Revenge! >>>>>>

Photos by Village Energy photographer, Steve Truelsenn

- Bruce Meland & Prius Plug-In in front of Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum, St. Augustine, FL -

Electrifying Times editor Bruce Meland and Dave Farnsworth, electronics Inventor drove to St Augustine from Bend Oregon in their 05 Prius fully loaded with 500 lbs of electronic gear. They did the 3200 mile trip in 2 1/2 days and $200 dollars of gas. They are there to test an etheric analyzer that can tap into many dimensions where ghosts and etheric spirits reside. St Augustine is the oldest city in the US and is known for many haunted or spiritually active places including their famous light house. The original Ripleys "Believe It or Not" Museum is also in St Augustine and also has a Ghost Tour which are very popular here. Believe It or Not !!! For further information go to

Pix from our trip down Route 66!!!

Westport Electric Car Club EV 2013 Rally
Shorepower Leaf Charging Station (video)

125 Think City Sold Portland Area
SAE 2011 by Electric Louie
Danish Electric Car Team to cross US
Duke Receives 17 THINK Vehicles
Better Living Show EVs, Portland OR
Vol 11 No 2 Preview 2012
Plug-In 2010 by by Ivan Workman

EVS25 Shenzhen, China Nov 5-9, 2010
THINK Delivers First U.S. car to Indiana
Wayland Invitational EV Dragrace 2009
Update on the Hybrid Humvee
EVS24 Viking Rallyby Bruce Meland
ET Test Rides Nissan EV-02 by RemyC
Plug-In 2009 by Norman Smith
IREO Renewable Energy Award at the UN
Tesla Motors Takes Over Manhattan
Th!nk City Update
Bruce Meland's Viking Room
Kaz EV Limo To The Stars
EV Preview 2009 NY Auto Show
Ashley & eBox at PIA EV Parade
Volt in GM's Future by Seth Leitman

Mitsubishi's iMiEV by Noel Adams
Tesla Motors Showroom in LA by RemyC
AltCar Expo 08 by Noel Adams
Pictures from EVS23 in Anaheim
Big 3 Had 80 MPG Diesel Hybrids in 1996 !!!

Flashback: 2000 Ford Prodigy Hybrid
San Diego EV Scene by Dave Cutter
EnVironmentalMotors Takes Over L.A.!
Great Race Celebrations in New York
Semicon West and Inter Solar North America

ET's RemyC. on Cover of Route 66 Pulse!
Zenn & Raw Spirit by Jaye Beldo
Phoenix at Petersen Museum by Noel Adams
Phoenix at Petersen Museum by David Cutter
Santa Monica AltCarExpo by Noel Adams
A123 Systems sponsored KillaCycle
The Cook & The Sparrow

Electric Freemobile Silver Lightning
Nuclear Encounters by Sherwood Martinelli
Mr. Gisborne's "Loon" Solar Boat

Leo Chan's Earthrace Report
COFE 2 Vlogs in DC
ElectroEnergy's Plug-in Prius
Firefly Energy by Noel Adams
Clooney's Black Tango!

What's Happening at Smart by Noel Adams
Jim Motavalli @ Hangar E
Zap Pictures from NADA by Jack Meland
Betcee's Day Trip Up The Hudson
Camry Hybrid Visits Stamford

Kewet buddy EV Continues Production
2006 Ford Escape Hybrid by Remy Chevalier
OZOcar rEVolutionizes Gotham
1989 Subaru Electra Van

Pink Panther Smart!
EDTA Vancouver by Bruce Meland
Chevron vs Toyota :: Earth in the Balance
Valence Plug-in Prius at Tour De Sol
CleanCities 2005 :: Tai Report

EV Awareness Day, Portland, OR
Good Toyota - Bad Toyota
EVS-21 :: Bruce Report
CleanCities 2005 :: Tai Report
UK chancellor & env motorbike
Connecticut, Here We Come! by RemyC
Valence Plug-in Prius at EVS21
MY Red, MY Way :: The Maranello
Unveiling the Reva NXG

Hybrid Velotaxi by Roland Reichel
Gildo's Fétish by Noel Adams

Two Days With RX 400h by Remy C.
Revolution Garage
The Chronicles of Ridek
Highlander Hybrid by Bruce Meland
Me and My EV in the OC
Volvo 3CC

GlobalGreen Matt Petersen Interview by Remy C.

EV Awareness Day by Bruce Meland
Lexus Introduces 2006 RX 400h
AltWheels Festival by Remy C.
Happy Holidays from ET Staff 2005
Tai Meets Collage & Lollapalooza

A Day at Lime Rock by Remy C.
Ralph Nader & GE's 1968 HEV
Prius in Blueberry Land by Remy C.
Tai PowWow With The Navajos
Bush Crazy by Bruce Meland
Gasoline is Dead by Remy Chevalier
The Th!nk PDF Files

My Implosion Wing by Robert A. Patterson
FutureTruck 2004 by Katie Hartley
EcoVehicle :: Charlotte, NC
Bush Clowns with GEM at G8
Earth Day in Beverly Hills
GMC Sierra Hybrid by Noel Adams
Toyota's Idea Factory
Honda IMAS & Nissan Effis
GMC Sierra Hybrid by Noel Adams
Going Postal in Vegas!

2004 LA AutoShow :: Tai Report
Tai &  Riverside GNC Mayor
Subaru EV & HEV Concept
EVS-20 The Mark Hanson Report
EVS-20 The Tai Robinson Report

Hydrogen Hopes by Jim Motavalli
Th!nk Convertible
South Wales Electron Milk Float

Carlsbad EV Show Held 4th of May 2003
Paul Scott's EV Party in Santa Monica
South Wales Electron Milk Float

Heather Anderson Smoke Out!
Falasca's Toyota CS&S Hybrid
2004 Prius West Coast Press Unveiling
2004 Prius East Coast Press Unveiling

Maxwell & the Last of the EV1s
Suzuki Mobile Terrace Concept
Arrow 45
Four Fresh Wheels by Jim Motavalli

ET Report from 2003 Michelin Challenge
Tai Robinson's Green Hummer Blog
The SeymourPowell Pivco Sketches
Cylvia & Arianna at 2003 Bioneers
Jeri Unser's ER3 EV at Pikes Peak
3rd Auto Battery Conference in Nice-France

Toyota Hybrid Lexus at Detroit Auto Show
GM Yanks Plug on EV1 
Kool Karz in Vegas by Noel Adams
Toyota's New Lift Truck
All-New Prius 2004 at NY Auto Show
Benefits of Biodiesel by Jim Motavalli

Bumper Cars by Remy Chevalier

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