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Dr. Menahem Anderman, President

July 21, 2003

Third International Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

The third international Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) held in Nice, France, this June hosted presentations from the industry's leading developers and users in its well-known atmosphere of focused, candid debate. The conference, attracting this year a record 350 delegates from 30 nations and 220 companies, featured the views of major automakers and battery developers on the existing challenges and future direction and growth rate of this fast-expanding industry.

AABC-03 exposed the different routes taken by major automakers across three continents to address the increased electrical power requirements of vehicles. The Japanese automakers have accelerated the path of introduction of a NiMH-powered high-voltage hybrid. The Europeans are introducing two-battery systems on high-end vehicles that are likely to migrate to higher volume platforms, offering significant growth opportunities to the battery industry, while US automakers are exploring both directions.

Dr. Menahem Anderman, President of AAB, and the force behind AABC, started the panel session with an update of the state of the industry since the release of his acclaimed 2002 Industry Report. Other conference highlights included:
• First public release of Toyota's new Li Ion powered intelligent Stop/Start vehicle
• First presentation on Nissan Diesel’s use of an ultracapacitor in its HEV truck
• Ford Europe’s discussion of its advanced 14V vehicle electrical system design and battery management

Incidentally, the directions and plans mentioned by automakers at AABC-03 have been borne out by some recent announcements. For example, Toyota is ushering into the US market (2005 model year) new hybrid versions of its Highlander sports wagon, Sienna minivan and Lexus RX 330. Nissan has also announced the release of a hybrid Altima.

You can see the AABC-03 panel session agenda at:

Order your own copy of the AABC-03 Proceedings at:

In addition to the panel sessions, the conference featured, for the first time, poster presentations. For a list of these presentations, please see:

The exhibit section of AABC-03 also saw an increase, with twenty-five companies exhibiting. For a list of these, please see:

Finally, mark your calendars: AABC-04 will take place June 1-4 in San Francisco, California. Plan to be there to hear the discussion and meet the industry drivers first hand.

For more information, contact Advanced Automotive Batteries at (530) 692-0140, or visit the AAB website:

(All photos by Louie Finkle who attended the conference for Electrifying Times)