GoE3 Tesla 66 Fun Run

Hello friends of Route 66, GoE3, and EVs:

We had a great time on the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona 2012 Route 66 Fun Run! The GoE3 Tesla Roadster performed flawlessly as we became the first electric vehicle (EV) to complete the rally without a support crew, only recharging at the end of each day’s run in Seligman and Kingman, AZ.

We met Jim Conkle of Route 66 TV at Saturday night’s dinner in Kingman. Then on Sunday, Dan Parmley, who drove the first EV to complete the rally in 1993 honored us by driving the Tesla from Kingman to Hackberry. All-in-all, it was a tremendous outing - a few photos are attached.

Bruce, Jim and I enjoyed a wide-ranging discussion in Kingman, but by far the most intriguing issue was: ‘How do we make the Route 66 Electric Highway project a reality?’ GoE3 can populate the entire length of Route 66 with Universal Level 3 EV Charging Stations and emergency mobile units for $3.5 million. This figure allows for one Universal Level 3 charging station every 50 miles (approx) and an emergency mobile unit every 125 miles (approx). If we allocate this between the 7 primary states Route 66 passes through, this works out to $500,000 per state. Do you believe it possible to get the seven primary Route 66 organizations to partner with us so that this becomes a reality?

We enjoyed chatting with Bruce Meland of Electrifying Times at EVS 26 and later met with Kirk Hallam in Santa Monica following the show. We will be exploring the possibility of working together with Kirk later this summer.


James M. Dowdy, COO

Bruce Brimacombe

Building The Electric Highway

Goe3 Partners with Cave Creek Entertainment

A Documentary project in Cave Creek, AZ by Cave Creek Entertainment

Cave Creek Entertainment (CCE) is crafting a first of its kind documentary. Drawing on iPhone/iPad/ journal entries along with a supported website, unique and powerful user created content will be the basis for our film. “ Building the Electric Highway “ will be the story of one man’s quest to link N.Y. and L.A. by creating a string of electric car charging stations to make it possible for any electric car to travel across the U.S. Our goal is to create a movement. A movement to inspire companies, towns and/or individuals to adopt a stretch of highway by donating capitol to place a charging station along the highway. CCE will structure journal entries in an appealing and poignant format for public consumption targeting premium cable viewers. Online social media signatures will also be gathered which show support for the movement are in the form of video clips, pictures, poems, paintings and songs…all with a candidly unique perspectives on the efforts to Build the Electric Highway movement, but more importantly… the film will be a personal insight into the many faces behind making this movement a reality and the trials and tribulations involved.

This will be passionate and influential! A creative, free flowing form of expression, designed to generate awareness in our country for the systematic take over by oil corporations and their influential lobbyists in Washington. The producers will be including powerful and touching submissions along the way. Some will be from notables, some will be from just average concerned citizens, but some will be from a few of us who have been directly affected most by the ineptness of our government to do what is right…To let go of corporate greed and stop putting big business ahead of the average tax paying citizen before it’s too late. There can be little doubt that there is a disaffected constituency that desperately wants something to rally around. People are impatiently awaiting their clarion call, a call they have given up on hearing from Washington.

Darlene Dantes

Members of the GoE3 team with Kent Williams of Via Motors @ EVS 26

NV Assemblywoman Katherine Duncan driving the GoE3 Tesla in Laughlin, NV