Clooney's Tango! WoW!!!

ow awesome it this? You know the Tango specs are off the hook. Won't bore you with them here. Just get a load of this... How can you not love a guy who kicked off his career attacking giant tomatoes and now does this with his money! (Now we know what Julia Roberts sees in him.) Hat's off... oh, the reflection of the power lines on the hood, don't know if the photographer intended for that to happen, but nice touch.

This is the note Rick Woodbury sent ET this morning along with the photographs: "George Clooney saw and drove his Tango today for the first time. He was just interviewed by "Interview Magazine" today at the Smoke House across from Warner Brothers studios. As he bought the Tango sight-unseen, we are very pleased to see that he's so excited about it." We bet! :o)

George is going to be the envy of every celebrity on the red carpet. George, drive safely! This thing is a rocket on wheels... You just kicked off the start of the rEVolution, and we want you in one piece for many years to come!

RemyC. ET webed 8/10/05


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