DiCaprio discussed his plans to purchase a hybrid gasoline-electric car in the coming year, and the many benefits of clean-car technologies. Earth Day Network, the international organization coordinating Earth Day 2000 events worldwide, announced that actor Leonardo DiCaprio will serve as chairman of Earth Day 2000 and will host Earth Day 2000 festivities in April in Washington, D.C. The webcast announcement and a transcript of the chat with DiCaprio are available at the Earth Day Network site.
In the 11/17/99 webcast on Earth Day Network's website, DiCaprio talked to Earth Day Network chair Denis Hayes and NRDC president John Adams about plans for Earth Day 2000 and ways people around the world can participate. In the webcast, and in a chat featured on Yahoo! following it, DiCaprio discussed Earth Day's focus on the problem of global warming, and on addressing the problem with clean, renewable energy solutions.
Hopefully Leonardo will grant Electrifying Times an exclusive interview when he makes his purchase.