Vol 11 No 2 Preview 2012: Separating Hype From Reality of Electric Vehicle - HEV Production - 2010-2012

Tentative Table of Contents

1. Aptera-Karma Shakeup While Waiting for Government Loans?!
2. Ford Focus 2010 EV: Farmed out to Magna Canada.
3. BMW MiniE first EV for lease but infrastructure problems.
4. Chinese Companies, FD3M-BYD-Warren Buffet, Coda-Hank Paulsen, ZEV2GO-Smart EV Clone,
Miles EV beat major manufacturer EVs to market.
5. Will the Nissan Leaf EV or Mitsubishi i-MiEV be the first to mass market EV's?
6. Th!nk City EV made in Finland with Silicon Valley Investors comes to California.
7. Zenn EV bails and concentrates on controversial EEStor battery and drive trains.
8. Citroen CI EV on sale in Europe.
9. What platform will Toyota use for it 2012 EV launch?
10. Breakthroughs in electric motors for HEV's and EV's.
11. Seattle company selling full size EV from China now!
12. Li Ion batteries from China getting good reviews.
13. Chrysler Scraps EV Project.
14. German EV's and HEV's playing catchup.
15. Smart EV launched in Britain and The Netherlands.
16. The Explosion of Electric Scooters and Motorcycles Worldwide.

Below is China's Wheego. It's a 96 volt AC Drive with lead acid batteries, costs $21,000, goes 40 miles on a charge, extremely well made car. Comes in red, white, blue, black and green.