Vol 11 No 2 - Preview 2012

Out Now! Preview 2012: Featuring 60 electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles from major and upstart companies worldwide coming to showrooms in the near future. This accelerated thrust in sustainable electric vehicles is a result of recent advancements battery and motor technologies which is also covered in Preview 2012. The recent Gulf oil spill disaster is bringing electric-hybrid vehicles to the forefront. This is a very popular special issue. Available on newsstands in Europe and North America and to subscribers. Order Now!

C o n t e n t s   Vol. 11 No. 22
Table of Contents

Aptera 2e EV
Audi A1 etron EV
Blue Sky Success Story
Audi e-tron I EV
Audi A1 PHEV
BMW Megacity EV
Buddy EV
Boeing 737 Sugar Volt HEJ
Citroen REVOLTe HEV Concept
Chery S18 EV
Chevy Volt
Chrysler-Fiat 500 EV
2011 CODA EV
Daimler SmartForTwo EV
Ford Focus EV
Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid
GM Plug-In Hybrid SUV
Hyundai Sonata HEV
Lightning EV
Honda Fit HEV
The Karma PHEV
Hyundai Blue Will PHEV
Lexus CT 200h HEV
Hyundai i10 E
Kia Forte HEV
Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE HEV
Kia Ray PHEV
Mitsubshi iMiEV
2011 Nissan Leaf EV
Opel Ampera PHEV
2012 Renault Fluence EV
Renault Kangoo Express EV
Porsche Spyder 918 HEV
Pininfarina Bluecar EV
Subaru R1e EV
Tango E
 Tata Indica Vista EV
Tesla Model S EV
Tesla Roadster E
Toyota FT-EV II
Dodge Ram PHEV
Kenworth Hybrid DeliveryTruck
Toyota FT-HS HEV
Toyota RAV4-EV
Volvo’s C30 EV
Toyota Prius PHEV
Volkswagen E-Up EV
Wheego LiFe EV
ZAP Alias EV

The cover photo was shot by web editor, Remy Chevalier, at a Tesla Motors function in Manhattan featuring Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, with the Tesla roadster in the foreground and the upcoming Tesla Model S in the background.

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