EVS-24 Viking Rally

Over 30 zero emission vehicles worldwide started from Oslo Norway in the Viking Rally to Stavanger to kickoff EVS-24. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Carbon Free Girl race car driver Leilani Muenter were center stage driving Ford Focus fuel cell vehicles fueled by hydrogen provided by Norsk Hydro new hydrogen fueling station in Oslo where the rally began.

About 6 Toyota plugin hybrids and fuel cell vehicles participated, along with 5 Tesla electric vehicles, 4 Th!nks, and 3 Ebil Norge buddy EV's. Fiat entered a fuel cell vehicle. Many other zero emission vehicles participated as well.

Hydrogen fueling and electric charging stations along the way fueled all the entries. The 30 plus vehicles arrived on Wednesday the 13th of May in Stavanger to participate in EVS-24. Tesla Motors won the hill climb at Porsgrum.

First place winners of the Viking Rally from Oslo to Stavanger: Plugin Hybrid Division: Toyota Prius; Hydrogen Division: Toyota Prius with a hydrogen combustion engine; Electric Division: Tesla EV; most efficient vehicle: Twike

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Bruce Meland - Text & Pictures