EVT Ion Scooter

Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc. stems from Skokie, Illinois, not exactly the first place you think of when you think about scooters... Scooters evoke crowded Italian city streets where young people wearing scarves weave in and out of traffic with wild abandon. Or you think of British punk gangs harassing private school girls on the Brighton Beach boardwalk. The kind of scooter you see in the beautiful pages of Scoot! magazine. These scooters might be cool in the old world, but they are two-stroke engine, they smell, and they make an awful whiny noise! Nostalgia is so yesterday.

With the ION, riders can avoid the messy gas, oil, plugs, grease, and noisy mufflers of gas engines, and benefit from ultra-clean, smooth power. No more ruined dresses... No more mechanic icky fingers. The ION is simple and smart. Riders just need to plug the charger into any common 110-volt outlet, and in a few hours the ION is fully charged and ready to go for only pennies a charge.

The ION’s silent operation makes it a pleasure to ride in urban areas. “A lot of gas scooters use loud and noxious, two-stroke engines,” said Ryan Adelman, marketing manager at Electric Vehicle Technologies. “People are accustomed to hearing that whining, weed-whacker noise. There’s a magical feel to the ION scooter. It’s incredibly powerful, in a package that’s amazingly quiet.”

“There’s no hot metal or exhaust pipe to burn your leg,” noted Adelman. “There’s no heat associated with the motor and no spark plugs, seals, gaskets, belts, oil, or gas to buy. Professionals can ride the ION without messing up their suits. Students can ride around in their flip-flops in the summertime without burning their legs. It’s a zero-emission, silent vehicle that doesn’t generate heat or noise pollution.”

The 48-volt system delivers up to 45 miles on a single charge and a maximum speed of 30 mph. The ION is ideal for commuters in moderately dense urban areas, college and high school students who are at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license, or even your everyday business commuter looking to avoid parking hassles and save money on rising fuel costs.

Riders can take the ION charger with them and plug it in anywhere to increase their range. The charger is only the size of a small loaf of bread and light enough to throw in a backpack. ION riders can travel to work and plug in the unit at the parking garage to get an extra charge out of their batteries.

EVT is at the forefront of electric motor, electric control, and battery development including hydrogen fuel cell research. They are the first to design an all-electric, zero-emission, U.S. Department of Transportation-compliant motor scooter suited for public roads.

The ION is the brother vehicle to EVT’s Equinox scooter. Like the Equinox, the ION sells for a retail price of $2,799 and has the same drive train, motor, and controller. They both use a 48-volt system and a direct-drive hub motor. There are no moving parts except bearings. Both scooters can be fully recharged in 5 to 6 hours, and riders can get an 80% charge in only four hours. The main difference between the two is aesthetics. While the ION has a more modern, sportier look, the Equinox has a retro, Fifties look.

EVT’s scooters have proven very popular among recreational vehicle rental businesses near island resorts and hotels because they’re low-maintenance and easy to keep in a rental fleet. They come in a variety of colors, including Silver, Metallic Red, and Metallic Periwinkle Blue, and Yellow. An optional accessory trunk enables riders to carry a small bag of groceries, books, a briefcase, backpack, luggage, or the charger.

Caroline Rubenstein
S&S Public Relations