Gaylord Hill Heats Up EVs

Teresa Noreen is wearing Deborah Lindquist in front of "Oxygen Needed," a Th!nk EV customized by Alan Campbell of AC/DC Monster Carts in Anaheim, CA.


To find out more about Alan Campbell's amazing creations, click this page.


Jessica hangs on to "Orange Crush," another of Alan's Th!nk customs. Gaylord Hill shot this image inside Reverend Gadget's Garage in Los Angeles. Gadget customizes EVs for an exclusive clientele. Last June Gadget was the subject of a full length article in the LA Weekly.

Gaylord and Maya Lei visited EnVironmentalMotors in Glendale to maximum effect with the Zap Truck Xebra's PK. Xebra Sedans are now being used for delivery by Domino's Pizza.

You can find more of Gaylord's work on his
Model Mayhem and Yeah-Yeah website