Great Green Viking Room

Dear Viking Art, Architecture and Green Building Enthusiasts:

After 2 1/2 years of building the 3 story addition to my 4 story Stav Hus, the 3rd floor Great Green Viking Room is Complete...

Gary Johansen, Architect and Past President of our Bend Sons of Norway, Lodge Fjeldheim 47, drew up the plans. 

The construction of the new edition started in the fall of 2006. 

This new edition is multipurpose. It can be a master bedroom, an efficiency apartment or bed and breakfast facility.

The original construction of the Stav Hus (pole house) began in 1976.
The Great Green Viking Room was featured in a open house on Sunday afternoon Feb 8 2009, at 63603 Pioneer Loop located about 4 miles North East of Bend, Oregon.

It  featured over a dozen pieces of rosemald furniture by  the late Wayne and Gretchen Leiberg, active members of the Sonja Lodge 38 of Eugene. 

Also on display around the Stav Hus  are 3 stabburs, one with  the ceiling  rosemald by world famous Rosmaler and impressionistic artist Sigmund Aarseth of Norway. 

Many Norwegian paintings including some by Sigmund Arrseth are also around the Stav Hus and Great Green Viking Room .

Life size Troll Carvings by Steinar Karlsen are on display around the Viking  buildings.

More open houses and Bed and Breakfasts to follow. 
Here are some of the reasons I call it the Great Green Viking room;

It has solar hot water;

the lower levels have solar radiant floor heating;

it has a vortex creating skylight that sucks in extra solar energy in the winter;

it has biomass wood pellet central heating;

it has non toxic natural wool insulation from New Zealand in the ceiling and walls;

an electric mini van in the first floor garage;

and Getchen Leiberg was famous in using shades green in her rosemalling.   
Velkommen  and Come Visit
Bruce Meland
63603 Pioneer Loop
Bend OR 97701
Cell 541-350-6787

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