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November 28, 1999
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Los Angeles Signs Up 20,000 Customers for Green Power:
Business Wire (November 19) reports that the Los Angeles Department of
Water & Power has now signed up more than 20,000 customers for its green
power program. DWP maintains that this marks the most successful green-
power program among any utility in the nation and hopes to reach upwards of
200,000 customers in the next two to three years. The program's customers
pay about 6% more for green power than for conventional electricity but each
customer receives two compact fluorescent light bulbs and two more in six
months which reduce electricity enough to offset the higher costs. Further
details can be found at <www.GREENLA.com>.
City of Palmdale Switches to Green Electricity:
The "Los Angeles Times" (November 23) reports that the city of Palmdale,
CA has announced that it has switched its municipal electricity accounts to
renewable green power sold by Tustin-based Commonwealth Energy
Corporation. Palmdale is following an example being set by other California
cities, most recently Santa Monica, which switched all of its facilities to
green power this summer.
Government Deemed Likely to Approve Exxon/Mobil Merger:
The Associated Press (November 28) reports that the Federal Trade
Commission is indicating to the states that it intends to recommend approval
of Exxon Corporation's $81 billion acquisition of Mobil Corporation. The
merger would create one of the world's largest energy companies. The
centerpiece of the agreement between Exxon and Mobil -- the nation's
largest and second-largest oil producers, respectively -- is the sale of about
2,400 gas stations, roughly 15% of the companies' retailers around the
country. Exxon would also sell a refinery in Benicia, California, and the
companies would sell substantial interests in several pipelines throughout the
United States.