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Friday, June 11th, 2004

During the previous week, my truck consumed a total of 4.36 gallons of E85 (ethanol), 115.109 CNG equivalent gallons (compressed natural gas), and 1.803 kilos of H2 (compressed hydrogen). Jack Dickens from the City of Chula Vista provided the H2 along with a generous contribution to my adventures with American Fuel Vehicles. I drove from Chula Vista approximately 15 miles on H2. Then I filled my vehicles gasoline tank with E85 from the Pearson Ford, Regional Transportation Center, in San Diego.

Simultaneously, I added 2.179 equivalent gallons CNG to the H2 in one of my TuffShell tanks. This provided a mixture of approximately 75% H2 by volume with CNG to burn in my multi-fuel V-6 H2TOY Tacoma. Judy Bishop, the educational director at the RTC, and Rosa Washington, the Clean Cities coordinator for Riverside both contributed to my hydrogen experiments. It cost $192.17 to drive 2199 miles in 7 days, @ 18.133 MPG equivalent, which is just over $.08 per mile.

Premium gasoline averaging $2.22 per gallon would have cost $269.22 to cover the same distance. This represent almost a 40% saving compared to using conventional fuels in a 4x4 truck. with advanced infrastructure, savings would be more dramatic.

The Interstate Highway system in the United States served well for this recent H2 powered adventure. On my road trip I attended the Collage Foundation web site launch party in the Palisades, California. I was invited by New York model Summer Rayne Oakes to report on this event for Electrifying Times and bumped into Josh Tickell of Veggie Van while there.

I found a solar powered sound stage (provided by Real Goods) and swimming pool, biodegradable table settings, organic cotton T-shirts, hemp fiber gift bags and 3 Sport Utility Bicycles that can carry groceries, a guitar, a surfboard or up to three friends at a time. Ironically this human powered bicycle was named the Electra.

I would love to put a Wavecrest Adaptive Motor on this stretched out, low-ridin’ mobile. Maybe a project bike could be in the works between Electric Cyclery and Intergalactic Hydrogen! Meeting all these wonderful people at the pool party was great. I look forward to working with them on environmental projects right now and into the future.

I provided 5 H2Go-Kart test rides and 23 personal demonstrations of my new WaveCrest Tidalforce io bicycle. H2Nation magazines along with copies of Electrifying Times were handed out. During this adventure I earned a small pay check by helping out EVO Limo install a CNG tank in an airport shuttle van near Los Angeles Airport. Praxair has broken ground on an H2 filling station there.

It was also a thrill to hook up with the creator of the Lollapalooza concert series, Perry "Peretz" Farrell. After DJ Peretz test rode my electric powered, io bicycle, he asked if we could add lighting bolt decals and race them this summer on tour. I have accepted Perry's invitation to join The Revolution Solution and will combine forces with AWAKE Community. Intergalactic Hydrogen will sponsor AWAKE Community's efforts to manage the Music Tree Tent at Lollapalooza.

[[ June 22, 2004 - Sadly, it has been announced today that the Lollapalooza tour has been canceled for 2004. Read more about this unfortunate turn of events here. RC ET web. ]]

The Music Tree Tent will provide instruments and instruction to kids who want to jam. Perry will stop by daily and jam with kids. We may even be able to record everyone playing and put bits on the web nightly for them  to listen to or let their friends hear.  We will accomplish this while providing concert attendees the ability to touch, feel, taste and smell H2 vehicles.

We expect my H2TOY's exhaust emissions to be cleaner than the ambient air at some metropolitan venues we visit. Although I would not drink it, the water created from this combustion process will be cleaner than what some people get to drink.

I have committed to the first 10 shows and am looking for contributors to help us deliver this clean, safe, renewable, affordable energy message to approximately 20,000 people per day. With your support we will look forward to attending all 32 shows. The Lollapalooza tour kicks off July 14th in Auburn, Washington and continues through the US and Canada to finish in Dallas Texas on August 25th. Check here for tour dates.

Our innovative American Fuel Vehicle (AFV’s) program, which includes ethanol, H2, CNG, biodiesel, propane, solar electric and other cleaner fuels, provides your company/organization the opportunity for exposure to a vast audience that has huge influence on the marketplace and our economy. Levels of commitment are available in H2ydrogen, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages.

All of our supporters can be recognized on our display vehicles, in our printed handouts and on our web sites. Advertising space is also available in the Free Lollapalooza magazine. On the road, during this multi-fuel music festival, I will be collecting footage for a television project on Intergalactic Hydrogen in development with Robert Oberhand & Associates. (For more information about this great opportunity, please contact Tai directly. ET webed)

With your consideration, the modifications to build a H2ydrogen powered motorhome could be part of our tentatively named, American H2ydrogen Vehicles show. This vehicle is intended to be modified to run on 100% H2ydrogen. For this initial tour with Lollapalooza we would employ my father, Fred Robinson's proven technology of H2ydrogen Fumigation. H2yboosting the baseline fuel increases efficiency and cleans up the emissions. 

Intergalactic Hydrogen believes the demonstration of a 2004 Westfalia Sprinter Airstream motorhome on this tour and during our upcoming projects would be mutually beneficial. With H2yboosted biodiesel, we can do it right now! This vehicle in a multi-fuel configuration, is a perfect platform to tour the continent and demonstrate the cleaner fuel choices that are available today.

Locally sourced fuels have the ability to be more reliable without the fluctuations associated with conventional sources. The RV crowd understands self reliance and the Lollapalooza audience represents the majority of $ spent in our country.

With our combined efforts, Intergalactic Hydrogen and AWAKE Community can hit the road on a great education ticket this election year. Remember, when we combust H2ydrogen with oxygen from the air stream entering the engine we make purified water and reduce the particulate pollution and carbon monoxide found in the ambient air. Clean Air is good for all living things.

Tai W. Robinson
Intergalactic Hydrogen
"Secure, affordable, clean energy can be a reality with the cumulative efforts of responsible individuals."

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