Protect your self from mind control programs, EM fields and psychic attack with our new Bio-shield device.

Bio Shield Products

The Bio Shield Product Line uses scalar wave technology and emits frequencies that produce many different effects upon the human psyche ranging from increased intuition, to protection from the emissions of electromagnetic radiation. The 2 models available now are the Bio Shield 11A and the Bio Shield 11B. The 11A model comes with 10 pre-set frequencies and the 11B model comes with the same 10 pre-set frequencies plus an additional 90 frequencies (1.0 - 9.9 Hz).

Bio Shield 11A $90.00
Bio Shield 11B $130.00

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HBS ENTERPRISES INC. Bioshield 11 A & B devices may now be ordered by credit card on our new web site.

Notice to users: The Bio Shield is an experimental device and is not intended to replace the care of a licensed physician.