World Debut at
2004 Greater
Los Angeles
Auto Show

The HydrogenHummer was joined by the GreenHummer (www.greenhummer.info) and the H2TOY (www.h2go.info) at the LA Convention Center January 2-11, 2004.  Tai reported directly from the LA Auto Show to Electrifying Times as an official correspondent.

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In 2004, IntergalacticHydrogen.com attended many great events:

The National BioDiesel meeting (Palm Springs, February 2004), www.biodiesel.org;
10th National Clean Cities conference in Florida, http://www.ccities.doe.gov;
The National Hydrogen Association meeting (Los Angeles),
SCAQMD - Hydrogen fueling the clean air future;
West Gov conference, http://www.electrifyingtimes.com/SolFest04_Tai.html;
Riverside CNG, www.electrifyingtimes.com/Riverside_CNG.html;
Earth Day in Beverly Hills, www.electrifyingtimes.com/earthday_beverlyhills.html;

National AFV Odyssey Day;
WREC in Denver, fair-pr.com/meet-aae/wrec2004/impressions.php;
Sol Fest & Sol Fest South West, www.solfest.org;
Collage Foundation Launch Party,

Special offer on Hydrogen Toyota's:

The V-8 engine found in the Tundra and Sequoia is ready for development. With 10 orders for these air cleaning vehicles we can bring the per-unit cost down significantly. With a deposit of $50,000 and a balance due upon delivery of $30,000, you too can be the proud owner of an American Fuel Vehicle™. This price will include the base Tundra and the modifications to make it run on clean, safe hydrogen. Free-Range Hydrogen
stations will be exclusively offered to Intergalactic Hydrogen vehicle owners.

Our innovative American Fuel Vehicles™ (AFV's) program includes ethanol, H2, CNG, biodiesel and propane among others. We support all fuels with an emphasis on local, renewable sources and a focus on clean, solar hydrogen. Look for these cleaner choice fuels together at an INTERGALACTIC GAS STATION™ near you.

Services: Alternative fuel vehicle diagnostic and repair, Natural Gas Vehicle extended range kits and up-fitting to H2NGV™, Research, Development, Deployment, Educational Outreach, Product Demonstrations, Clean Fuel Presentations, Conversion upgrades.

As a research, development and deployment company, we can engineer the cleaner fuel devices of your desire. We offer Custom Vehicle Creations™ to the early adopters that want something clean, green and unique. However, we would like to emphasize products that can be successfully deployed on a commercial basis. Mass commercialization is the final target and we need volume production to drive down the cost. The best utilization of our technology is to mass produce it on the assembly line by the OEM's.

All of our current AFV's (American Fuel Vehicles™) offered are beyond compliance. We start with the existing NGV standards and install check valves, excess flow valves, pressure relief devices, fuel filters, solenoid cut off valves and combustible gas detection systems as appropriate.

Right now, American Fuel Vehicles™ provide customers the ability to use the cars and trucks of their choice whenever and wherever they want. Intergalactic built, multi-fuel vehicles operate seamlessly within today's fuel infrastructure and create demand for more locally derived fuel stations in the future.

Are you looking for an electric bicycle for transportation, or wind generators to power your house? We are an independent representative of Wavecrest Laboratories and carry their www.TidalForce.com electric bicycles. For electricity generation we are dealers of Southwest Windpower products: www.windenergy.com. Please schedule a personal demonstration.

Industry organizations:

American Hydrogen Association www.goh2.org
National Biodiesel Board www.biodiesel.org
National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition www.e85fuel.com
Natural Gas Vehilce Coalition www.ngvc.org

Industry partners include:
www.Avalence http://avalence.com/products/default.asp
Telluride Power www.telluridepower.com/tacoma.htm


On our way to setting the altitude record at the Rocky Mountain Hydrogen Drive for burning hydrogen in an automobile. This photo was taken 10,200 feet above sea level at Bridal Veil Falls.
Our world record was over Imogene pass at 13,114 feet.

"Affordable, clean, secure energy can be a reality with the cumulative efforts of responsible individuals."

Thank You for joining the cleaner fuel revolution,

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