Italy's Gone ZAPPY

ZAP Signs Electric Scooter Distribution Agreement with Italian Company SEBASTOPOL, Calif., Oct. 17, 2000 -- Even Italy, that most hallowed bastion of scootering, could not resist the power of ZAPPY(r), the folding electric scooter from http://www.ZAPWORLD.COM (Nasdaq:ZAPP).

ZAPWORLD.COM (ZAP) announced today it has signed an exclusive distribution contract with Oxygen S.p.A to sell the ZAPPY folding electric scooter and other ZAP vehicles in four European countries, including Italy.

The ZAPPY folding electric scooter from ZAP has been making friends all over the planet in the past two and a half years. But now the small, 35 lb. scooter is making in-roads into Italy, the land where gas scooters are king. Despite the popularity of gas-powered scooters there, Oxygen S.p.A. CEO Giampiero Duglio thinks the ZAPPY will do well in Italy.

``We love the ZAPPY and we know our customers in Italy will love them too,'' said Mr. Duglio. ``Not only is the ZAPPY so much fun, many cities in Italy are trying to reduce air pollution caused by two-stroke engines. Some are even closing off traffic on the smoggiest days. In addition, we expect a strong demand in niche markets such as resorts, marinas, and boating.'' Oxygen S.p.A. was formed to develop, manufacture, commercialize and distribute environmentally friendly urban passenger and parcel delivery vehicles in Italy. Oxygen is looking at introducing several types of electric vehicles and is working with battery developer Evercel (Nasdaq:EVRC) to introduce vehicles powered by Nickel-Zinc batteries. In February, ZAP signed a joint development contract to test Evercel Nickel-Zinc batteries in its LECTRA motorcycles.

Italy has been very aggressive about introducing electric vehicles into its daily transportation, blaming two-stoke combustion scooters in particular for emitting 6 to 8 times more pollution over standard automobiles. Thirteen major municipalities are adopting plans to restrict certain areas to internal combustion vehicles and only allow electric vehicles.

Some are also providing incentives for insurance, licensing and rebates on the purchase of electric vehicles. ZAP has delivered product to more than 65 countries. The Company is publicly owned with shares trading on the Nasdaq Small Cap market under the symbol ZAPP. ZAP builds and distributes electric scooters, bicycles, pedicabs, motorcycles, sea scooters, go-karts, and other light electric transportation products. To see or purchase a ZAP vehicle, visit or call 800-251-4555.