by Jesse James, Sunbelt Battery

I just spoke with Dennis "Kilowatt" Be rube and he's rightfully excited....
He just returned from Pomona Speedway and the NHRA Winston Finals at which he ran an exhibition pass at 10.54, 117mph; no practice runs so HE was unimpressed and feels he could have done a whole lot better, BUT:

This is the final Winston event of the season and no-one went there to see an Electric dragster but some "EV hallmarks" are very noteworthy...  Current Eliminator passed every stringent and long NHRA tech inspection during which they "tore everything apart", inspected and photographed, because the inspectors were indicating that Dennis' vehicle would be the benchmark for the electrics to follow and they were impressed.  His pit "had around 20 onlookers" at all times during the weekend.  His demonstration run was scheduled during the window between the 3rd round and the finals and that guaranteed the maximum exposure of the whole weekend.  He warmed his tires with a little burnout, to fix the crowd's eyes, and then went down the strip in front of "126,000 people, all on their feet and cheering, and I could hear every one of them".

More cheers and resounding applause on his way back to the pit and the "electric car" became one of the topics of discussion most often heard. The only "negative" comment heard was the lack of noise, from one individual, and Dennis reminded him that he'd be meeting the noise level requirement for the next few decades without de-tuning....

Think about it;  126,000 motor sports fans and their first view of an electric's a great looking machine, performing very respectably and professionally, and attended to by a technically knowledgeable and personable owner/driver think there's a lot of people that have a different view of electric cars today than they did waking up yesterday morning and we all have a dedicated, professional, and fantastic emissary, in Dennis, to thank for it.

Complete specifications of the EV Drag Rail, "Current Eliminator" and article about Dennis at the 1998 National Electric Drag Racing Championships appears on page 60 of Preview 2000 features 40 zero emission vehicles for the new millennium. SUBSCRIBE!


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