Lexus RX 400h & Mallory Gregor

Lexus, the number one leader in luxury vehicle sales hosted a Short Lead Press Preview for the launch of the world's first luxury SUV hybrid. The 2006 Lexus RX 400h was the hot topic during the technical product presentation to 50 plus journalists & technical writers from major US newspapers & magazines at the Ponte Vedra Beach Resort, SE of Jacksonville, Florida held March 8th through the 11th, 2005. The 2006 all-wheel drive Lexus 400h will hit show rooms in the US on April 15th 2005 and 12,000 have already been pre-sold. Ted Turner has ordered several for his buffalo ranch.

The base price starts at $48,535 with many extras that can be added, such as a rear backup camera that is displayed on the navigation screen to provide additional rear visibility when the RX 400h is in reverse gear. Also included is rain sensing windshield wipers. Other extras include an 11 speakers Levinson audio and DVD entertainment system for rear passengers. Read more about the RX 400h from the Chicago Tribune.

Lexus GS 450h & Jessica Sototongo

At the upcoming New York Auto Show, week of March 21, 2005, Lexus will debut the GS 450h luxury hybrid sedan. The GS 450h will be powered by an all-new V6 powertrain. It will not only be the first luxury hybrid sedan on the market, but it will also be the first rear-drive hybrid ever offered. This new revolutionary hybrid should be quicker in acceleration than the new V-8 2006 GS 430 which holds the 0-60 mph record of 5.7 seconds for luxury sedans.

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