OZOcar services the greater metropolitan area with all Toyota and Lexus hybrids, fully equipped with state-of-the-art internet access, Apple iBook laptop computer and Sirius satellite radio.

You can spot OZOcars on the streets of Manhattan for subtly branded silver Os and Zs on the exterior. "Green Car to the Red Carpet" founder Jordan Harris and Roo Rogers joined forces to launch New York's first Eco Luxury Car Service. The fleet will initially consist of approximately 30 vehicles, with more than 70 expected by 2006.

OZOcar drivers are carefully selected as much for their personality and customer service sensibility as for their driving ability. Robert Shelby ditched his yellow cab, knowing OZOcar would make a more interesting chapter in his book. Fellow driver, Jenna Burroghs plays in a punk band and picked up her passion for the road from her mother who drives a 14 ton dump truck!

Electrifying Times is pleased to assist OZOcar in securing corporate,  entertainment and regular Joe clients, so please mention our name when calling them.

The hourly rate within Manhattan is $45, which is also the fare from the city to La Guardia Airport. Manhattan to JFK or Newark is priced at $60. Corporate clients can set up  online accounts via the company web site:

Angela Lindvall, proud mother of two, and founder of the Collage Foundation, steps into a Toyota Prius OZOcar during Fashion Week at New York City's Bryant Park.