My Implosion Wing
    By Robert A. Patterson
     August 19th 2004

My personal life being a complete disaster wrought with abuse and Industrial injuries, which left me disabled and homeless, I began to seek-out research material on such topics as How to be a Successful Entrepreneur, How to become a Millionaire, envelope stuffers, successful real estate negotiations and contracts.

Conducting this research along with the use of my ‘Certificate of Eligibility that I received from my military service, actually allowed me to buy my first home. I amassed a line of unsecured credit worth $46,000.00 dollars applying the techniques from The Millionaire Credit Card System by the Beckley Group Inc. The plan was to come up with a million-dollar idea or product that I could market e.g. Pet-Rocks, Wacky Wall Walkers etc…

Unfortunately most of these avenues turned out to be nothing more then good old-fashioned scams and I just couldn’t wrap myself around those swap-meet type products.

I decided to turn inward for answers, all the while seeking a way out of the abusive industry that I worked in. I had grown up in an abusive household and therefore thought that abuse was just a way of life, so taking my paycheck to the bank was my way of convincing myself that I had won.

Seeking to develop my own line of products I continued my research and began to develop a line of products based on my martial arts training in Wing Chun Gung FU. I designed and marketed several pieces of training equipment geared toward people that didn’t have the means to go to a studio and receive formal training.

Wing Chun, in contrast to other forms of Chinese pugilism, has had a short but colorful history. It was founded some 300-years ago during the Ching dynasty by a Buddhist Nun named Um Mui. At that time Um Mui was one of five grand-masters of the Sil Lum Temple, located in the Shung mountain range of Honan. The Ching Emperor in fear of reprisal against his rule by the martial artists of the Sil Lum Temple sought to destroy the Temple.

Port-A-Chun Training Dummy

Mok Yan Jong 108 Dummy Movements

As a faithful follower of Bruce Lee's Dynamic Martial Art's Legacy, my studies enabled me to design and manufacture several unique pieces of martial art's training equipment, one of which is a the "Port-A-Chun Training Dummy". A non-complaining sparring partner, featuring Traditional Design plus lateral or cross action movement in the upper arms. Adjustable lower leg individually adjust for the height of the opponent, slips left or right when pressed! The Port-A-Chun training dummy also comes with a unique kick back pro-active leg that can kick-back at you and just as fast and hard as you do by adjusting the special tension mechanism built into the leg of every Port-A-Chun training dummy.

As time progressed I rekindled my attraction for hovercraft technology actually building a 9-foot in diameter saucer shaped aircraft similar to the hover-car built by Moller International. Albeit my craft was unique in that I managed to successfully combine thrust or (push energy) with that of vortex mechanics (pull energy) i.e. after I happened across the suppressed works of Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger's “Implosion” which had been released through the “Freedom of Information Act.” I intuitively began developing all manner of implosion pump concepts.

Suddenly I realized there must be an electronic analog that matches my implosion system. Turning my attention to electronics, I began reading the Fifth Edition Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics looking for any circuitry best matching my turbo charging concepts, and core based in Vortex Science. I soon discovered that the magnetron tube found in a conventional microwave oven matched the Implosion concepts that I had developed. Although the magnetron tube works within the electromagnetic spectrum and the turbo charger works within fluid dynamics, these seemingly dissimilar technologies are one in the same.

From this point on is where things become a little disorienting for mainstream academia as I enter into the world of energy and reverse engineering. I happened across an ancient schematic that depicted familiar vortex implosion concepts.

Forbidden Archeological Discovery

Circa 1996 I happened across an ancient Dogu figurine while reading "The Antigravity Handbook" by David .H. Childress, and on page 133, I discovered logistic-shape-linguistics encoded into the ancient Dogu statues that had been unearthed in Japan. As odd as this might seem I discovered the same type of vortex mechanics and radiant energy electronic circuitry that I sought to develop from my own research endeavors, encoded into the ancient statues, albeit they are depicting Quantum Electro-Gravitic Propulsion systems and a spacecraft!

That ancient symbol for the spacecraft is the Ram-Implo-Wing.

Deciphered from Ancient Schematics

You’re looking the Ram Implosion Wing, a technology core-based in vortex science,
back engineered by reverse engineering.

I offer documented scientific proof that this planet has been visited by a scientifically advanced civilization capable of interstellar space flight using Electrogravitic technologies core based within Cavity-QED and Vortex Science during ancient times!

I analyzed artifacts unearthed from around the world including the enigmatic ancient Dogu figurines discovered in Japan, and quotes extensively from personal insights and the works of T. W. Mossberg (QED) Quantum Electro-Dynamics, H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D. (ZPE) Zero Point Energy, Viktor Schauberger & William Baumgartiner Implosion Technology, Nikola Tesla Radiant Energy and Vaughn M. Greene author of "The Six Thousand Year-Old Space Suit".

While my work appears to be unconventional to say the least, I state that modern physics is simply being applied in a canard fashion i.e. backwards, 180-degress out of phase with nature’s unseen cyclonic properties.

I also state that I knew that I would be working with Electro-Gravitic Propulsion system since the age of five, some forty years ago! I built several working prototype devices and continue pushing the envelope with his cutting edge science, despite opposition from mainstream detractors I have bested the established order with working prototype devices.

The Ram Implosion Wing has tripled the fuel mileage of nearly every single vehicle that it has been tested on so far. The QEG Gravitic circuit that I deciphered from ancient schematics is near completion and hopefully will be ready for testing by the end of this year.

My work stands to vindicate many of my peers, e.g. Viktor Schauberger (Implosion Technology), Tesla, as well as many of my contemporaries in Zero Point Energy.

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Thank you,

Robert A. Patterson
Engineering Specialist

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