SAE 2011 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium
On Feb 9-11 2011 Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, sponsored a 3 day Symposium on Plug-in Hybrid, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. The symposium was held at Hilton Anaheim, This Symposium provided a forum for the delivery on the latest technical innovations with real-world data in electric drives, motors, energy storage, and system engineering from the innovators, government officials, engineers and technical experts from major auto manufactures

The Symposium format gave attendees a mix of presentations and panel discussion which provided the latest technical information and perspectives from

expert presentations. Specialized panel discussions on topics of energy storage and latest advancements in plug-in hybrid technology were items most critical to hybrid development and cost reduction via panel discussions. The last day was focused on electric vehicles. Electrifying Times had a representative present for all 3 days of the EVent and will periodically be providing information on breakthrough technology that are in the works. The next SAE Symposium will be held on March 23 2011 and cover Electric and Hybrid motor advancements in Indianapolis IN. For more details go to

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