Chasing EVs in LA
Text & Pictures by RemyC.

On Friday October 17th 2008, race car driver Ashley Van Dyke and I met at the Tesla Motors Showroom on the corner of Santa Monica and Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was our first time witnessing the car close up. I must say, I was duly impressed by how beautifully finished they are. You're getting what you're paying for.

Ashley discussed the finer points of the car with Rachel Konrad, Senior Communications Manager at Tesla Motors. Ashley, a veteran of Gumball rallies, is planning a green car event from LA to Vegas and back by way of San Diego. Take a look at this video!

Ashley and I were given the opportunity to take the car out for a spin on the streets of LA. The fit for me is a little snug for my 6'3 frame, but Ashley slipped into the car like a glove. You will read more about her own impressions of the car on her blog soon.


While we were there, a correspondent for E! Entertainment Tonight was also on hand to get first look at this amazing roadster.

The Tesla showroom attracts many prospective buyers greeted by a knowledgeable staff. Jeremy Snyder is General Manager. Leila Nematzadeh is Showroom Coordinator. Kyrstin Munson is also on hand to help you.

To date, 1200 have been sold, 50 have been delivered. Most of them in Silicon Valley where the investors live. 10 so far in Hollywood, including George Clooney who has his black one waiting for him in the showroom, which you can see in the background of the above image. Two have been delivered in the New York area.


I'll have to wait till they make a model with a little bit more leg room. But that's OK, I can't wait to hear the streets of Beverly Hills buzzing with the quiet hum of these AC motors and everyone zipping around like bumper cars!

The Smog Information Sticker on the windshield of course is a little bit of humor!


After a wonderful morning spent at the Tesla Motors showroom, Ashley and I made our way clear cross town through rush hour traffic in a Prius rental to pay EnvironmentalMotors in Glendale a visit. 

Even though Taryn Sokolow and I have worked together on many occasions, organizing the grand opening of her showroom and orchestrating photo shoots for the EVe Calendar project, we'd actually never met in person. So it was great for me to finally see her in action.

Ashley got to drive Taryn's Zenn to the local CVS on a battery run for my camera.

I had a little trouble getting in and out of the Sparrow, so I let Ashley take over!

While in LA, I had the pleasure to stay with non other than EV builder Electric Louie, a long time friend of publisher Bruce Meland and supporter of Electrifying Times. Louie is working on some innovative ideas to build state of the art motors and his own line of performance EVs in Long Beach. His moto, "Japanese quality, Made in the U.S.A."

I was in LA to attend the launch of a new green fashion magazine called Coco Eco at the Designer & Agents Green Market. You can see more images from the party on the Lü magazine website. Below is famed comic book and High Times magazine artist Steve Marcus, and in the back ground, Julian Jackson with his Jules Electric Scooter. Julian has sold 400 of them in the LA area, 90% to young women in their 20's. Talk about a dream job!