Driving Into The New Millennium, covers these topics:
1. Comparison of the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius hybrids which go on sale at a dealer near you.
2. Solutions for Traffic Gridlock, Air Pollution, and Urban Sprawl.
3. Plug your EVs into PVs.
4. Car Sick Country, by Jane Holtz Kay.
5. Largest Hybrid-Electric Bus goes to Tempe, AZ.
6. Evercel readies for Nickel Zinc Production.
7. The Latest Fuel Cell Conference Report.
8. New Electric Division record by the Honda EV Plus at Pikes Peak.
9. Electric Drag Racing.
10. Around the World Trip in an EV Starlet by Tokyo Denki University students.
11. In the European Section:  The Think Nordic EV, ready for  production in Norway and City Cat  Electric Scooter with revolutionary motor readies for production in Germany.
12. Hollywood celebrities and their EV's and much, much more...
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