Vol9 No3
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The Theme of this new edition is:

"What you as serious reader can do now to help cope with high gas and diesel prices and auto pollution that is causing severe pollution and extreme weather patterns."

We have spent most of the fall, winter and spring gleaning out technology that will help motorists cope with the sudden change in crude oil prices and limited refining capacity.

It has taken a lot of time, traveling and resources to gather all this information, so your patience is appreciated.

Bruce Meland
ET Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


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Page 4 - Car Sitters-vs-Car Crushers
Page 4 - New It Is Electric PU
Page 4 - Prius Plug in Hybrid
Page 5 - Remy's Blog
Page 6 - Summary of Clean Fuels
Page 7 - Lexus 400h Hybrid
Page 8 - Riki Ott Gives Them Hell
Page 9 - Ram Implosion Wing
Page 10 - Electrovaya EV to Norway
Page 11 - Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Page 12 - Oil Destruction in Nigeria
Page 13 - REVA NXG
Page 13 - GM Hybrid Bus
Page 14 - Lexus 450h SUV Hybrid
Page 15 - Apollo Fuel Cell Car
Page 15 - Suzuki Twin Hybrid
Page 18 - Th!nk open EV
Page 19 - High Mileage Fuel Devices
Page 21 - Acetone in Your Tank
Page 22 - Implosion Battery Charger
Page 14 - Zap Gets Smart
Page 25 - My Red My Way
Page 25 - Fuel Cell Motor Bike
Page 25 - GEO EV1
Page 26 - Venturi Fetish
Page 27 - Toyota Tundra Hybrid


"Roger Moore, James Bond star and long time Monaco resident, with French model Bianca, introduces the all-electric Venturi Fetish at the grand
opening of the world's most exclusive automobile event, the 2005 Top Marques  Monaco Motorshow, held just a few days after EVS-21."
(Photo Courtesy Venturi)

Bruce's Toyota Tacoma

Ram Implosion Wing

Electrifying Times :: Vol 9 no 3 Announcement

Due to present economic, political, and oil-war instability worldwide, the US and Western powers need to institute plan A.

Topics for plan A will cover non-conventional and conventional technologies that the average US Citizen can apply to their present vehicle to make it more efficient, cleaner and get better gas mileage.

For plan B, time is running out for mass production and distribution of electric, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles as most auto manufacturers have been too slow or opposed to incorporating new technologies.

For example: Successful lawsuits by major auto manufacturers recently shut down production on most remaining large scale attempts at producing mass market pure electric passenger cars, once again leaving smaller ill-equipped and poorly funded independent automobile builders to fend for themselves.

Toyota, Honda and hopefully Ford are trying to make major inroads with hybrid technology. 100,000 Toyota Prius hybrids and 20,000 Toyota Highlanders and Ford Escape Hybrids are a step in the right direction, but hardly making a dent in our gas guzzling ways with over 100 million gas or diesel powered vehicles on the roads in the US each day. Over 750 million worldwide!

We are forever dependent on foreign oil, or another blow-up in the Middle East and we are still up the creek without alternative fuel vehicles, i.e. a major economic disaster.

As usual, as we have done with every single one of our print editions in the past, technology for immediate vehicle modification and other revolutionary technology will be covered in Vol 9 No 3 to help avert this disaster.

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We are still the only magazine on newsstands today solely dedicated to the future of pure electric vehicles, albeit paying close attention to all other alternatives to non-renewable dirty fuels.

Bruce Meland
Electrifying Times

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