The car of the future - solar car project update - Great Race Celebrations in New York

Marcelo da Luz
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Electrifying Times,
I just want to say a quick hello and give you a quick update on the solar car project.
XOF1 received some incredible recognition this past week. It was selected as the "car of the future" by the Great Race organizers. XOF1 was chosen to represent the future of the automobile during the 100th Anniversary of the 1908 Great Race and announcement of the 2008  Great Race from New York to Paris.
Considering all the wonderful car projects and futuristic vehicles around the globe it is a great compliment to all of us to have our solar car selected to represent the future.
On February 12th, 1908 at 11:15am automotive pioneers took on an incredible challenge by driving their horseless carriages from New York to Paris. It can only be described as an epic adventure. Vehicles as we know were just being invented and those brave pioneers made history. Asphalt was only invented in 1910.
To celebrate the event a replica of the winning vehicle "Thomaz Flyer" along with other vehicles and XOF1 parade on the streets of New York. The symbolic race started at exactly 11:15am from Times Square to Central Park at the Tavern on the Green. Where the vehicles were welcomed by over 140 dignitaries and members of the press.
The solar car success at the event was so incredible that the organizers of the event would like XOF1 to enter the Great Race 2008 from New York to Paris. Should XOF1 enter the Great Race, it will have to undergo some modifications in order to become a competitive vehicle for the event. For example, it will require a larger battery pack in order to drive the event's longest leg 750km, modified suspension, new rims and a different set of tires. 
In 1908, about 600 Germans built a car to enter the race in 14 days and the driver of the winning vehicle George Shulster was told the day before by his boss he was entering the race (talking about last minute notice). 
XOF1 drove freely on the streets of New York as a licensed vehicle, it is legal to drive on any country protected by the 1949 Geneva International Traffic Treaty. A little creativity goes a long way :)
In the following weeks, I'll be discussing with team members and potential supporters/sponsors the possibility to enter the race. I'll need a small army, a few angels, a miracle and lots of coffee to pull this together.
Here is a link to a short video about the Great Race 100th Anniversary 
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Should we raise enough support, we'll take the solar car on the biggest vehicle challenge on earth.
In any case, we already have plenty to celebrate;
XOF1 is the most international solar car project in the world.
XOF1 is the first solar car in the world to operate at below freezing temperatures and to drive on an ice road.
and it was honored by the Great Race as the car of the future.
Marcelo da Luz
The Power of One, solar car project
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