Photos from the test session of the A123 Systems sponsored KillaCycle.

We are very happy with the performance of the bike during the test session and hope to set a new world record at the Route 66 Drag strip on Saturday, May 13th.

    The KillaCycle team:

    Bill Dube' - Owner, Crew Chief
    Scott Pollacheck - Driver, Chassis Set-up, Tires
    Steve Ciciora - Electronics Design, Pit Crew
    Derek Barger - Electronics, Metal Fabrication, Pit Crew
    Dave (Battery Boy) Hawkins - EV Technician, Pit Crew

    Battery Sponsor - A123 Systems  (Be sure to watch the video at )

The battery pack has a total of 800 A123 Systems Li-Ion cells.
They are configured to deliver 340 volts at up to 1300 amps.
It weighs just under 150 pounds and will deliver about 350 HP to the motorcycle drive package.
These are very high-power cells that hold plenty of energy as well. This pack holds about 9 kW-hrs of energy!

    A123 has developed a brand new Li-Ion chemistry that has eliminated the hazards normally associated with previous Li-Ion batteries.

- Bill Dube