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To Advertisers in Electrifying Times:

Electrifying Times includes the most recent information on EVs (Electric Vehicles), HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles), and fuel-cell vehicles such as Toyota Prius, e-com, RAV 4 EV, Honda Civic HEV, Ford Th!nk EV as well as futuristic concept vehicles.

Electrifying Times is internationally available from International Press Distributors (IPD), which distributes to Barnes & Noble, Tower Books, and independent book stores, bringing total distribution to 10,000 worldwide including sales and handouts at all major electric car shows, rallies and conferences. We have also added other distributors in California, New Mexico, Florida, and Illinois to increase circulation.

Our Preview 2004 edition set all sales records on newsstands and in bookstores. Our website reaches over 1,000,000 visitors annually for additional advertising coverage.

Why not advertise? It is especially important to advertise if you have EVs and related components to sell. We would be happy to give you references of advertisers who are having good success with our advertising program - at your request.

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Fall/Winter 2004................................ Aug. 30
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The extensive coverage of the emergence of EVs is not possible without the generous support of our advertisers. We encourage you to get involved in our affordable advertising program. We have been receiving positive feedback on ad results, and most advertisers stay on board.


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