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Hummer Hummerer
Drive To Survive Kick Off
Tuning Prius with Hot Sound System
GM Tech Tour by Don McGrath
Jack Johnson's New Electric Motor
Jim Motavalli's War Jitters
Toyota Fine-S at Detroit Auto Show

Trinity PowerMax Motor/Generator
Carlsbad EV Show - Held May 4th 2003
EVAA The Sanibel - Feels Like a Roadster
Jay Leno & the Viento
Cylvia Hayes & her Prius
H2 Bush State-of-the-Union
The Webb - Gem Fire Chronicles
GEM's in the Military!
Doug Korthof's Rav4 EV Protest by Joss Landess
EVAA The South Beach Electrowave Tour
Ford Focus PZEV at LA Auto Show
EVAA Feel Good Cars heralds The ZENN
Toyota Hybrid Lexus at Detroit Auto Show
Mark Hanson Reports from the 2002 EVAA Conference
Cool Photos from the 2002 EVAA Conference
EVAA Amazin' Electric Sky Raider Glider 
Ford Signs Kamkorp Letter of Intent for Th!nk
EVAA John Deere E-Gator
What Would Jesus Drive? by Jim Motavalli
Lee Iacocca in Detroit News Auto Insider (from March 2002)
Darryl McMahon's Inevitable Electric Car
Honda Delivers First Fuel Cell Car to Los Angeles Mayor
E-Z-Go's Western Elegante
The Lifter
Switchblade 007 - Made in Oregon
Jim Motavalli on Toyota's FCHV
Darryl McMahon's Inevitable Electric Car
Florida's Trigger Scooter Micro-Car
Inside Chez Chaz's Lithium House
Honda Dual Note
FunBoost Italian Style
Ed Begley Takes Delivery!
RAV-4 EV Breaks 100,000 Miles
South Korea's ATT R&D's Parade of EVs
Bizarre Art Cars at 2002 Burning Man
Cameron Diaz & Gwyneth Paltrow's EV PSA
Smart Peachtree EV
American Oil Crusade Trading Cards
Awesome Anti-SUV Posters by Micah Wright
Kronosport's Funky Rickshaw Taxi
Toyota Oasis Advertising Team
Honda Civic HEV from Grist Magazine
e-Drive mag has a brand new bag!
Peugeot's Futuristic H2O Electric Fire Engine
Brazilian VW Eolo Hybrid Concept City Car
Hybrids in Maine - Interview with Owners
Pop Star Robbie Williams's Smart Crossblade
UQM Deere Hybrid Lawn Tractor
EV Funeral Hearse from Australia
Ongoing Tilley DeLorean EV Saga...
Bigfoot Sighted Driving EV!!!
The Mighty Microcar by Jim Motavalli
Dennis Weaver's Drive to Survive Petition
SUV vs PV by Jeremy Smithson
So, where will all that electricity come from?
EV1 Crush Update at
Heidi, the Hybrid from Hell!!!
Georgia Power 5 Million EV Miles
Cameron Diaz & Her Prius by Jim Motavalli
Michelin "Tour De Force"
New EV Smart
Cadi CTS vs Toyota e-com by Jim Motavalli
Fairfield County Transportation Issues by Chas Offutt

Digital Wheels

Brent Singleton & His EV
London Exhibits New Flat Battery
Lutec 1000 Update
Amazing Steam Jet Bikes Drag Racing in France
Confidential Technologies/Direct Electronics
ZAP Announces Plan to Reorganize Under Chapter 11
Pedal-Electric Cycle Rhoades Car
Hydrogen Fuel Toyota... by next year?
Higher Fee For Hybrids Sends Wrong Message
Gavin Watson's Biodiesel VW Golf
EVAA Needs Your Help Today!
Bush Administration Scraps PNGV by Bruce Meland
NESEA Tour de Sol May 12-18, 2002
The Fleets & Fuels Affiliate ShowTimes
"Freedom Car" Program
Earthjustice Sues Bush Administration Update
Bell Labs & Zero-Point Energy
Nanotubes Boost Battery Energy Storage
Santa's propulsion system finally revealed!!!!
EM Fields From EVs Linked To Miscarriage

Eat My Voltage
Hemp Oil Fueled Car On Tour

Fight the Bush Push to open up Artic Refuge for oil drilling

Gasoholics Anonymous
U.S. Marines using electric vehicles in Okinawa, Japan
EVAA Electric Transportation Industry Conference 2001 Media Day
New Canadian Neighborhood Electric Vehicle called "IT"
Revolutionary Home Generator From Australia
2002 Model Year Prius HEV Wins Ames Award 
Missing The Oil Story by Tom Paine
Advanced Propulsion Systems Exposed
Harley-Davidson - The World's First "Electric Glide" Motorcycle
Chicken Soup For The Soulless**Satire
Zappyland' Electric Scooter Track Opens at Balboa Fun Zone in Newport
Green Transportation Festival'': Tour de Sol Attracting Big Names
Bill Moyer's Earth on Edge Premiering on PBS
He May Not Be Capable Of High-Level Dialogue
It's About Time Bush Gets Some Pressure
The Tom Tom Club
First Worldwide Announcement of Revolutionary Electric Motor
Bill would let one-driver hybrid autos in car-pool lanes
California Air Resources Board EV & HEV requirements for future years
GM sues over electric car rule
Zapworld (ZAP) taps into solar energy
Zap Bikes Get A Boost From Washington
Appalled By Sprawl
Chevy Suburban, Meet The Chrysler Suburb
Power Crisis On The West Coast
Trent Warefare
Energy Provider Texaco Joins EVAA Board Of Directors
Black Gold, Frank "Incensed" Murkowski
Withdrawal Symptoms
Delta Dawn, What's That Oil Spill You've Got On
Electric cars urged for L.B., by Will Shuck
Put This In Your Pipeline And Smoke It
Boxer Rebellion
The Tortoise And The Scare
Kerry On
Believe It Or Not, We're Walking On Air
Smoggy Went A Courtin' And They Did Fail, Uh-Huh
Sherpas Attack
I Demand A Recount
Anti-Environmentalism As A Way Of Life
Air Board Approves Guidelines for ZEV Incentive Program
Consumers Demand Clean Cars
The Engine Of Progress
Call Of The Wild
A Lott Of B.S. About The Alaska Wildlife Refuge
The Secret Life of Bill Clinton
Barnes Storming
Stiff As A Board
Scientists Issue Dire Prediction On Warming

Less Recent Archives

The Sparrow Goes To Work Delivering Pizzas

The Saga of Buying My Honda Insight, by John Wayland
Toyota Prius vs the Honda Insight by John Wayland
Sniffer Goes Drag Racing
Seattle Going Green With Toyota Prius  
Gas Prices May Sour Through Summer
Wind Powered EVs By Remy Chevalier
The Rocky Mountain Electric Drags
Hybrid Buses Coming to Tempe, AZ.
And The Winner Is...Honda Gives Away Insight at NAEVI'99
TZero Stings Its Competition by Tom Gage
Detroit& Auto Show Web Cam
Revolutionary Hybrid For Le Mans Series, By Marshall Houston

CARB Proposal Could Spur Use of Fuel-Cell Buses
European Union Jump Starts Car Free Day 2000
"A Whole New Way To Move" - Strida Ultra Portable Folding Bicycles
Oil Above $30 As OPEC Seeks Longer Cuts
Nissan Hypermini EV Wins Award in Japan
InsightMan! Experiences Of A Proud New Insight Owner
Pamela Anderson Lee Strikes A Pose For GEM
Ford Motor Company Receives Blue Sky Award From CALSTART  
NAEVI'99 Report by, Mark E. Hanson

Wall Street Journal Slams EVs
The Innovator's Dilemma; Book Review by Jed Rothwell
Guy Negre Air-Compression Vehicle
Bill Gates Invests In Fuel Cells
Honda President Yoshino HEV Speech At Detroit Auto Show
Wind Powered EVs, ET Special Report
15 New Ford Ranger EVs for Presidio National Park
EVS-16 CD-ROM Now Available For Sale
GM Precept: 108 MPG!
CBS 60 Minutes Catches On To MTBE Disaster
Honda City Pal At Detroit Auto Show
Air Quality Management District Push Fleets To Use Cleaner Fuels
Population Reference Bureau Transportation Pollution Report

Ford Prodigy
Join the ZEVolution!
Sierra Club Awards Honda Insight
All New Th!nks From Ford
Ballard Unveils Smaller, Cheaper Fuel Cell at Detroit Auto Show
EVs Are Still The "Gold Standard"
RIP, Is GM Shelving The EV1?
Beverly Hills Mayor Attends Budget Rent-an-EV Ceremony
EV Online Sales "Blocked"!!!
Wireless Charging System
Web Cams At Detroit Auto Show January 9 - 23, 2000
Small Electrics ZAP LA Auto Show
Synergy EV Sponsors EV Showcase At LA Auto Show
EV Sales Online
BlackLight Power Inc. In The Village Voice
Lake Tahoe Fuel Cell Conference
Establishing Renewable Energy Markets
Powering Tomorrow's Cars
Mitsubishi EV Sets New World Record
EV Ceremony In Beverly Hills
Hollywood Police EVs
Bill Gates Rides in An Electric Boat
Real EVs vs Model EVs
Postal Service Awards Ford Largest EV Contract Ever!
Electric & Hybrid '99 Vehicle Technology International
Triax Day in LA
Auto&Design; Best Concept Car Magazine in the World!!!
New Honda HEV Sprocket
Mitsubishi Seeks EV Range Record
Ford Has Epiphany
Svante Segelson Jet-Car (Wallpaper Magazine)
Bombardier NEV Has Writer Eating Crow
Ed Begley Jr. Receives EV1 Award
1st Mass Production Lith-Polymer Battery
Green Santa
Presidential Candidates & Fuel Efficiency
ZAP Acquires Electric Car Company
Japanese Fuel Cell Projects
EarthSmart Cars Website From NRDC
Kango Go-Kart
Subaru's Elten Hybrid
DiCaprio HEV/NRDC Update
History of the Electric Car
Ballard On The Go
Nissan Kills HEV
China's First EV
Celebrities and their EVs by Remy Chevalier
Green Electricity
The Fate Of The Earth Is Ours from Asia Week magazine
DaimlerChrysler & Hybrids
DaimlerChrysler & Fuel Cells
Presidential Candidates & Ethanol
James Bond EV Trivia
NAVEI Plenary Speech by Ron Cogan
Moller Update
NAVEI'99 Media Day
Prius in the Wild Test Drive by Remy Chevalier
IAMC Awards Green Car Journal
Titanic Actor Named Official Earth Day 2000 Celebrity Spokesperson
Maria Mendez Models The Prius
Win A Zappy
Electric Lunch with Bill Dube'
Worst and Best Green Auto & Tire Companies
The Great Gasoline Greenwash From
EV Bonus: Carpool Lanes
Radar Gun EV
Ford Detroit Science Center Exhibit
Chevrolet's Tandem Secret
Pininfarina Metrocubo
CSIRO Australia HEV Plans
S-10 EV Pickups for Nature Conservancy
US Electricar & Hyundai: HEV Partners
Evercel Ni-Zinc Breaks 500 Cycles
New GM Triax Hybrid
Toyota's New HV-M4 HEV 4WD Mini-Van
Fresh News From BP Solar
Honda Unveils Their Fuel Cell Prototypes
Invitation to EV China 2000
Light Materials ENS article
Australia Solar Challenge
Natural Fiber Composites For EVs
Trends in Renewable Energies
Automobile, Most Recycled Product  
Honda Joins California Fuel Cell Partnership

Paul Clevenger's GIZMO
GM PNGV Demonstration Vehicle
BlackLight Power Unveils New Hydride Compounds
Honda Insight in DC GEET Gives Away Plans
BBC Top Gear at Bandimere
11 World Records Set at 99 National Electric Drag Championships
Corina Logan and the Graffgan Organization
ARB Says Report Smoking Vehicles
Eco-Mission Prius
Museum of Modern Art EV exhibit

Older Archives

Toyota "E-com" & "Crayon" EV Environmental Friendly Commuter System
National Championship Drag Races in Woodburn, Oregon August 1999
Ford Rangers For Presidio National Park
EPIC Xpress Shuttle at LA Airport
Synergy EV Sponsored EV Showcase At LA Auto Show
You Asked For It, You Got It! Prius Test-Drive

Worst Bottlenecks Article From The Seattle Times
Svante Segelson Jet-Car (Wallpaper Magazine)
Ford Ranger EV Tested
Tokyo Denki U. Team"Around The World" In Electric Toyota Starlet Turns Back
City Cat by Helmut Schiller
The Schiller-Brushless DC-Motor and Generator
Alpha Nickel vs. Beta Nickel
Arco Leader Admits "Age of Oil" Entering Its Last Days
California Senators Push MTBE Ban Forced Water Supply Systems Closure
Bill Dube Breaks NEDRA Record
California Gasoline Prices Jump to Highest Levels Ever
Clean Up of New Carissa
Conductive Polymer Seminar
Costco Supports Electric Vehicles
Current Eliminator by Jesse James, Sunbelt Battery
Dirty Little Secret By Marshall Houston
Dirty Diesels-Clean Alternatives!
Electric Fiat Seicento
EV's Provide Emergency Home Power
EV World Expo - The "Tzero"
EVs In Paul Newman's Hometown, by Ray Jones
Honda Shows Off 70 mpg Vehicle
Honda Throws In EV Towel
Honda,Toyota, Hybrid War Heats Up!
Hospitals Jammed As Banned Pesticide Sprayed From The Skies
Moller Progress Report From Tom LeCompte's Fairfield Weekly Article
More Y2K Jelly Books
National zoo event announces largest corporate EV lease program in US
New Australian Battery
New Scientist Magazine Excerpts Compiled by Remy Chevalier
New Accoustic Sterling Engine
Panoz Q9 Hybrid, a new concept in high performance racing
Paradigm Shift Creates New CyberTran EV - By Clare Bell
Preview "2000" Magazine View Table of Contents
Revolution on the Riviera, by Remy Chevalier
Solectria Wins Tour de Sol...Again!
The cars of tomorrow are here today, by Pam Leany
Tighter Rules Toward Sport Utility Vehicles
Rent-An-EV At The L.A. Airport.
Test Driving Toyota's Prius Hybrid Car
98 Alameda International EV Exposition At Alameda Naval Air Station
The Black Ghost Electric Motorcycle: For specs and information
The Daimler--Benz Fuel Cell Car
The Sunday Challenge Rally. Race results posted
Toyota-Californian's Want AFU's At Same Price?
Toyota To Launch "E-Com" Mini EV
Venturer at Tour De Sol
Wayland's World, "The Blue Meanie", by John Bryan
Wired Magazine EV Articles

Zevco and Malcom Brickland's EVX Inc. announce hot stock deal
Auto Fuel Efficiency Drops to Twenty-Year Low
Computers that run without electricity
Dr. Gary North Prepares you for Y2K
EV1 Charging in California
Electric Vehicles For Sale
Fresh Start For Swatch
Harbor City Postal EV Fleet
Honda Launch "Insight" Hybrid
Hydrogen Made Cheaply By Synthetic Enzymes
Lead-Acid Battery Industry Poised for Growth in New Millennium
Marta's Vineyard's EV Fair
New Ferrite Developed for Electric Car Chargers
Plastic Batteries Are Here... at least in new ultrathin laptops
Shell Opens its 1st Solar EV-Charging Stations in Europe

Toyota's Revolutionary Hybrid

Vegetable Motor Oil

Electric Vehicle Symposium Reports

Chinese EVS-16 Organizers Answer Security Concerns
16th International Electric Vehicle Symposium Exhibition
Electrical Vehicle Symposium EVS-15, Brussels, Belgium, September 98
EVS-14, October 1997 by Remy Chevalier