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Invita, Always & Parade
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From Korea's ATT R&D

Review of ATT R&D's INVITA
From the Golf Car Catalog

We were pleasantly surprised by an unannounced new NEV maker, which debuted their new INVITA at the 2002 Superintendent's Show in Orlando. Made by a Korean company, ATT R&D, the INVITA brings some new ideas to the marketplace with their efficient and highly customizable new NEV. ATT R&D is also the maker of a new purely electric vehicle, which will soon hit the US, called the Parade. The INVITA is boxy, yet classy with a retro-modern style and should make its US market debut in the spring.

INVITA will be marketed as a LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) in the US and Canada. The maximum speed is limited to 25 mph (40km/h) as propelled by their brushless 72VDC motor. The INVITA can also be used on golf courses in its turf speed of 20mph(32km/h). Unfortunately, we were unable to test drive the vehicle to adequately assess the performance, so only time will tell on this aspect. (Invita specifications can be found HERE.)

The INVITA appeared to be a well-made vehicle, constructed from an anodized aluminum frame and heat-treated high strength aluminum passenger space frame. Body panels will be available in plastic or composite versions. The cars we viewed at the show were loaded with standard features, with many options and accessories to choose from. 

The INVITA is available in four different versions - a 2 passenger, a 4 passenger, a 6 passenger (people carrier), and a utility truck. The passenger cars will accommodate a trunk in the front as well as the rear. The utility flatbed vehicle is available in steel, aluminum, plastic, and wooden or aluminum sides. Golf bags can easily be mounted at the rear of the vehicles using custom bag mounts. The MSRP for the 2passenger vehicle will be approximately $8,000, $10,000 for the 4 passenger and the utility vehicles, and $11,000 for the 6 passenger version. They will also offer a lower end 2 passenger LSV for around $4,000 called the Always. 

The INVITA team offers a lot to the NEV market with a thoughtfully engineered vehicle. It is lightweight, efficient and highly customizable. Honestly, these guys thought of everything. Every option we could think of had already been considered or was already available. The welcome acceptance of customized vehicles was, in our opinion, one of the greatest strengths of the company. The general attitude was "What do you want? If we don't have it, we can make it!" With an attitude like that, INVITA may start biting a serious chunk out of the NEV market in years to come. Good Luck!

Automaker Considers Portland Site
The Oregonian

An upstart automaker is considering manufacturing electric vehicles in Portland so that it can tap into California's future demand for cleaner-burning cars. 

KNG Motors, a startup company in Anderson, Ind., is considering manufacturing an electricity-powered car called Parade in either Anderson or Portland, company President C. Peter Cho said. 

So far, only a prototype of the Parade exists. But Cho said he hopes to produce the cars en masse by early 2003. That's when the California Air Resources Board will require automakers to sell at least 4,600 emission-free vehicles. 

Cho's company operates out of Anderson, where he formerly worked as manager for advancing technology for motor-maker Delco Remy. He said the city of Anderson has offered his company incentives to stay there, including the use of a former General Motors manufacturing plant. But Portland remains attractive because it would be easier to transport cars into the California market, Cho said. 

"We have to make a really good strategic decision of location," Cho said. He hopes to decide this year. 

Once production begins, KNG Motors expects to employ 20 to 30 workers. Long-range plans call for producing 30,000 vehicles a year with 500 workers, said Todd Hoffman, a Tualatin investor in KNG. 

Hoffman, who is recruiting investors, said one Northeast Portland manufacturer, whom he declined to identify, has promised land and building space. 

Martha Richmond, Portland Development Commission spokeswoman, confirmed that officials had talked with KNG, but she declined to comment further. 

The Parade is designed to be made of aluminum, reach 70 mph and travel 70 miles or 150 miles per charge, depending on the model, Cho said. It would retail for between $20,000 and $25,000, Cho said. 

DeFazio Tours Possible Car Site Auto Plant Plans
The News Review
May 14, 2002

U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, center, looks over a conceptual site plan for the ATT R&D Car Manufacturing plant on the plant's site in Sutherlin on Monday afternoon. Looking over the plans with him are Mike Parker, president of i.e. Engineering of Roseburg, right, and financer Richard Holden, left, of Holden & Associates out of Alaska. (photo not shown)

SUTHERLIN -- S. Rep. Peter DeFazio spent Monday afternoon tramping through blackberry bushes and cattails touring the proposed site of a Korean electric car company in Sutherlin.

The Springfield Democrat helped secure $1 million recently for the Interstate 5-Highway 138 interchange project tied to Advanced Transportation Technology R&D Co.'s move to Sutherlin, and wanted to see firsthand the project he has been supporting.

"We asked for a tour," said Chris Conroy, field representative for DeFazio's Roseburg office.

Don Bentz and Mike Parker of Alaska Sutherland Knolls, the company that holds the land, drove DeFazio into the small valley and showed him the 200 acres of field where the plant will be built and some potential engineering plans for the manufacturing plant's construction.

Richard Holden of Holden & Associates, the company that is securing the $63.5 million for building the ATT R&D manufacturing plant, said the electric car company has signed off on the site. He said there are still many details to be worked out, but that Sutherlin is where ATT R&D sees itself operating.

"This will be so extraordinary for Douglas County," DeFazio said of the project. "There's a great work force here, a great work ethic. (There's) a lot of people ready to come to work."

DeFazio, who serves as a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said he was interested in making sure southern Oregon was a place that could appeal to outside businesses.

Alaska Sutherland Knolls has been working for 20 years to develop and bring a company to its Sutherlin property. ATT R&D showed interest last year.

In order for the electric car company to come to Sutherlin, Alaska Sutherland Knolls had to work with city officials to get the land brought into the city, work with the Oregon Department of Transportation to improve the I-5 interchange and work with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development to protect low-level wetlands on the property and justify the size of the site.

While the issues with ODOT have been resolved, DLCD is still evaluating Alaska Sutherland Knolls' proposal.

DeFazio helped smooth the road with ODOT. Can he do the same with DLCD?

"I'll help at whatever level I can," he said.

DeFazio said what Alaska Sutherland Knolls is proposing to do with the land is nothing that hasn't been done to similar parcels of land in other counties across the state.

"There's certainly ample precedent" for doing what Alaska Sutherland Knolls is doing, he said. "There's a very logical solution to the problem."

Parker said he's not necessarily worried about the wetlands issue.

"We're going to enhance them," he said. However, he said he was concerned about being able to show DLCD that the 200 acres Alaska Sutherland Knolls has requested for the project is needed entirely.

DeFazio looked at the valley, scanning its length east to west.

"I'm really excited about this," he said. "It's gonna be great."

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