Revolutionary home generator invention that could 
solve the electricity crisis worldwide

The Australian inventors have spent five years developing a new technology, which is expressed in an invention registered with the Australian patent office and protected in one hundred and fifty countries through a P.C.T. International patent application.

The invention is a new motor, which is able to produce more output energy in useable torque, than the amount of energy it requires to run itself. Something that scientists worldwide have been attempting to do for centuries, has now been done in Australia. Free energy, or as the inventors prefer to call it, super high efficiency, is here.

The inventors have in support of their patent claims irrefutable evidence that can be proven physically, mathematically and theoretically. At no point does the motor offend existing thermodynamic laws and principles.

It is NOT perpetual motion, it IS a far more efficient way of utilising what has always been available, no energy is created, no magic is used, just sound basic principles, and common sense being applied to extract more from what has always been available, and use it better, than in the past.

There are proof of concept prototypes and a pre production prototype Lutec 1000 generator completed. Technical and general details of performance follow. The inventors have no wish for their work, which has been five years in the making, to become a sideshow for the curious, but invite serious investors or their representatives, along with their suitably qualified experts, to be satisfied as to the veracity of the inventor’s claims.

Data and the results obtained from tests conducted under laboratory conditions at a college of advanced education is reproduced for perusal on this site along with:

(a) Circuit drawings proving the location of meters and various testing instruments location relative to the circuit.

(b) Mathematical formulae used to establish input power, signed off as being correct by two independent qualified witnesses.

(c) Input, voltage, current, speeds and torque figures from supervised tests. The tests as described can if necessary, be duplicated for interested parties.

(d) Video tape oscilloscope traces which show that the voltage and current flow back to the source, indicating that more than 100% is being produced.

(e) Named independent experts written testimony regarding the performance of the Lutec 1000.

(f) Letters from The patent attorneys.

(g) International Patent Convention Treaty examination results.

(h) A copy of the original patent application including abstract and sketches.

(i) Extracts from the inventor’s business development plan.

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Posted Nov 24/01
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