98 Alameda International Electric Vehicle Exposition.

T he 98 Alameda International Electric Vehicle Exposition was recently held at the Alameda Naval Air Station, hosted by CALSTART and Alameda Bureau of Electricity.

EV Enthusiast Don McGrath owner of Villa Winery
in the Napa Valley & Bill Moore, Editor of EV World
attended the International Alameda EV Expo.
If you want some good wine contact Don McGrath vinter@pobox.com

Don McGrath, owner and Bill Moore, EV World,
(stirring grapes) at Villa Winery.vinter@pobox.com

Major Car Company Representatives from, Toyota(RAV4 EV, Prius HEV,e-com, Honda( EV Plus), GM(EV1), Ford Ranger Electric Motorcycle (EV Plus), GM(EV1), Ford Ranger EV Chrysler ( Epic Van), and Nissan ( Altra), presented their latest models of EV's and HEV's, and gave all those who attended the EVent the opportunity to drive these latest models

Also displaying vehicles and offering ride and drive were the Pivco "Think" from Norway, Sparrow , Electric Charriot, S-LEMNA's (Twike),Electrifying Times Black Ghost electric Motorcycle)(ZEBRA, and last but not least the "Cyber Tran" (Electric Rail Car). Click here for more pictures

The "Cyber Tran" Increases in air pollution and congestion - and a rapidly growing vehicle population driven more miles each year - makes finding solutions to personal transportation one of the most important challenges facing metropolitan areas. Rail cars in the CyberTran system are demand responsive - stopping only at stations where passengers order them. By utilizing computer control and "smart Card: technology, they transport riders directly to their destinations at speed of up to 1250 MPH, by passing intermediate stations and minimizing unnecessary stops. The 38-foot vehicles are designed to run down the median strip of a freeway or in other small areas. Light weight and smaller size means the cost of constructing the guide way, power systems, and stations needed to support the vehicles, is up to 75% less than that of traditional light rail design. CyberTrans’ proximity to Silicon Valley provides an important link to computer technology, essential to the competition.

Clare Bell, Editor of "Current Events"
drives the "THINK" at Alameda.

EV's on display at Alameda

Denis Berube and his
"Current Eliminator"
at the 2nd Annual
National Electric Drag
Racing Championships.