(The AMCAR system can use photovoltaics easily, as most power is used by the Merger: very little (say around 500W) by the guideways.)

New Book :

B. B. Bunting

The author, an engineer with over 40 years experience, is dismayed with the developments taking place in the Transport industry today. He offers a WORKABLE alternative.

Lyle Saxton, in his document "Automated Control - Cornerstone of Future Highway Systems" said, "[Our] basic performance needs are increasingly beyond the performance capabilities of the existing system with its manual mode of vehicle operation."

. . . Like it or not, we humans aren’t capable of handling modern traffic.

But the attachment of people to their individual vehicles has limited the success of present mass transit options. While economics and practicality will doubtless result in greater acceptance of mass transit, people still prefer their own private transport mode. 

. . . We still think we can handle it.

Unfortunately, millions of drivers are unsafe. Drunks are fined. Children are picked up by mothers. Blind and disabled have sometime shuttle services. Research shows 55+ drivers react too slowly 

. . . Programs like "55-Alive" try to keep us on the road. 

Intelligent Transport Systems and Automated Highway Systems (ITS & AHS) are being developed but these systems all rely on polluting vehicles and a skilled DRIVER.

. . . Those millions are still a problem.

More highways are being built, offering more space to the increasing numbers of us who "have to get there" at costs of about $3,000 per person 

. . . And the vehicles themselves will be more expensive.

The author offers Amcars, a novel, but practical form of transport similar to the automobile. 

Although the system uses engineering currently being developed for other transportations, it exceeds the capabilities of the currently in-vogue ITS and AHS, offering fully automated personal transportation. It also offers greater flexibility than ‘Skyloop.’ Travelers are able to get on and off at their own driveway, or any building, unlike present Monorails.

Amcar offers wheel less vehicles traveling as independently as cars, but with less dangers, at lower cost, and higher speeds - and - without a "driver". 

[AMCAR = Air mounted, Magnetically-propelled, Car]

Written for the popular reader.

! Offers information for the technical reader.

! Details environmental problems of present systems

! Complete with diagrams and technical details.

! Reveals a shortcut to the real needs of the driving public.

! Reasonably priced at $13.95 - 100 pages

Further information from JBI, Inc. (877)356-1524 

ISBN 0 - 9716295 - 0 - 1

This is a new book, which offers a system with merit as the transportation system for 2003.

There are some problems: we don’t get the publicity for this sound engineering idea.

We think readers would like to hear about it, and we’d just LOVE to have some means of distributing the book – maybe even a distributor.

Review copies available for editors.

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