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Electrifying Times spent 6 months and invested a lot of resources printing Preview 2000, a directory of 45 cleaner vehicles for the New Millennium, so you, as future car buyers, can be aware of new vehicle choices that are less polluting and kinder to the environment when considering your next purchase.

Preview 2000 is the Electric Auto Association's Buyer's Guide.

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This year an effort has been to gather stories from Asia, Europe, and the United States about when these vehicles and advanced batteries will be available to you and John Q. Public.

The latest issue of Electrifying Times, "Driving Into The New Millennium", is a newsprint parody of USA today. It has 6 separate sections:

1. USA Tomorrow;
2. Asia Tomorrow;
3. Europe Tomorrow;
4. Sports;
5. Batteries and Fuel Cells;
6. Showbiz;

Many writers contributed to this new issue. Electrifying Times got permission to reprint some terrific articles about transportation from some major mainstream publications like the LA Times and Sierra Magazine. We also have our own original contributing writers and reporters like John Wayland, Marshall Houston, Bill Moore and a whole lot of more EV folks who live and breathe the EV scene and report on it for you. 

Read about all the speed and range records being broken!

Most of the articles in our print editions are not found on our website, and vice-versa. The website is supported by our subscribers and our advertisers, so we urge you to subscribe because that's how we can afford to bring you both. 

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Only this way will the EV future happen! Electrifying Times will keep you on top of the latest developments in the exciting world of EV's, HEV's, NEV's and Fuel Cell Vehicles.

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