Bill Dube Breaks NEDRA Record

Monday, June 07, 1999

    I brought the Killa-Cycle to Bandimere last Saturday for it's shakedown
tests and even with the controller set a 120 HP (less than 1/2 of what the
machine can produce) I managed to set a new world record for an electric
motorcycle in the 1/4 mile.

    The bike ran 13.995 right out off the trailer. I backed that up with a
14.050 run to seal the NEDRA record. This beats Don Crabtree's record (set
on May 22nd) by more than 2 seconds.) The bike gave me zero trouble so I
will check all the connections, snug up the nuts and bolts, tighten the
chain, and turn up the controller for the next race.

    I plan to race again on Friday, June 25th at Bandimere Speedway. This
next time the controller will be set for 250 HP.
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             \'o.O'              Bill Dube'
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