Electrical Vehicle Symposium -15(EVS-15), held in Brussels Belgium
from Sept.30 to Oct.3,1998 with a theme, "A Future For The City".

Electrifying Times launched "Preview 2000" at our booth # 6116 which was adjacent to Fiat who was also launching their new Fiat Seicento Elettra car. A photo of the Fiat Seicento Elettra appears on the front cover of "Preview 2000" and is featured on page 22 along with 35 other clean alternate fueled clean vehicles appearing on 63 of the other pages. Highlights of the Symposium included the EV Parade, involving about 30 electric and hybrid electric vehicles and buses, driving with a police escort, across the city of Brussels in parade manner to a park like concourse, within a historical palace for a photo opportunity.

More pictures of this great event
have been added for your viewing

A few electric cars, hybrid electric cars, and fuel cell cars, highlighted the 140 plus exhibitors appearing in the exhibition hall. There was a fuel cell powered taxi by a company called Zevco, of Antwerp, Belgium; a sleek black 1998 Volkswagen Golf, a 4 seat EV, based on the Golf lV Platform, with a AC Propulsion drive train; The Think, a second generation electric commuter from Norway; Toyota Prius and e-com, and many other cars and technology, including ultra capacitors by Maxwell.

One of the negative EVents occurred on the first day of the exhibitions, where a elect ic go cart race course had been set up at the end of Hall 6, with untied used tires along each side of the course. A coffee snack stand had been set up on one side near the entrance where the mostly younger participants had strapped themselves in the electric carts. These kids and were testing the carts to the limits, sliding sideways and some doing 360's ( just a little out of control). Well the ultimate happened! One of the carts really got out of control and slammed head on into the Coffee-Snack Stand and the girl working there received second degree burns from a spilled coffee pot, and was hustled off to the hospital. Exit Electric Cart racing for the duration of the Exhibition. The next day when the diesel truck came to pick up the carts, it left the diesel motor a t idle for about a half hour and about gassed everyone in hall 6. Not a positive EVent at EVS-15.

Cheers, Bruce Meland, Editor of Electrifying Times