The "Torque-Machine"

The Schiller-Brushless DC-Motor and Generator

In course of developments Helmut Schiller of Bensheim Germany has designed a new Permanent Magent-Axialfield-Machine (PAM), with patents pending. PAM delivers ten times the power of ordinary DC-Motors at same weight and brings high efficiency (+90%) over its rpm band. The developed principle allows high torque over the total rpm band.

Developed for mass production the machine consists out of a number of pre-manufactured coils with iron cores of cylindrical shape. These are connected in a special way and create the stator ring. No complicated and expensive coil/winding machinery is necessary. Failures in single coils are deducted in an early production stage and are exchanged without major costs.

The developed electronic device implements an altering and rotating magnetic field in the stator ring. The amplitude of the input power controls the motor power and the rpm is controlled by the frequency.

All coils operate continuously with alternating polarity, this results in a high continuous torque, which brings major advantages in multiple applications. The special coil arrangement reduces the costs for electronic parts compared to conventional brushless motors.

In front of each headside of the coils is a disc with permanganate magnets. The magnets are arranged in such a way that two magnets on the first disc and two magnets on the second disc form a magnetic loop in cooperation with the cores of the coils. This way the magnetic flux of four magnets adds up to a strong permanent field. The two discs are connected with a hub and create the armature, which follows the rotating magnetic field implemented in the coils.

PAM has an internal forced airstream cooling which guide's air across the coils and transports heat to the motor case, which is totally sealed. This principle avoids hotspots and warrants good cooling. For marine and outer space applications the motor can be filled with inherit gas.

In the generator mode PAM delivers AC power. For applications like wind converters each coil can be equipped with an AC/DC converter. This way DC power is modulated to a grid to form AC power, without continuous rpm at the windconverter.

PAM can be used for small application up to the Megawatt Class. Battery powered tools; garden equipment, cars, buses, trucks, boats, powerplants and many other applications are ideal for this revolutionary electric device. As the applications are so plentiful the SCHILLER GmbH is in charge to produce PAMs at customer requirements and takes care of the licensing. Forward your detailed questions to SCHILLER GmhH, D-64625 Bensheim, Heidelbergerstr.7 Germany.

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