by Remy C.
(ET Web Ed)

May 22'03

While the world is going to hell in a hand basket, we're amusing ourselves to death, playing golf and video games, building movie sets, struck down the next day, rather than real cities for living in. For the past thirty years we failed to wean our industrial society away from its gasoline addiction.

Back in the 70's, the Trilateral Commission tried to orchestrate a smooth transition away from oil. Then Arab head of OPEC said: "We don't need the oil, you need the oil, we have the sun!" He resigned (cough) two weeks later.

If we really cared about the air we breathe, we wouldn't be banning smoking in restaurants, we'd be banning the internal combustion engine! Keep in mind Standard Oil of Indiana "funded" the US prohibition in the 30's as a poor excuse to wreck all ethanol stills, regardless whether they were producing alcohol for human or engine consumption. Elliot Ness was not the hero he was made out to be in the "Untouchables". He was just a John D. Rockefeller stooge who destroyed farmer's livelihoods while Firestone ripped up tram tracks to make way for rubber tire buses.

We are living today with the consequences of this absurd urban planning gone amok. Is there a way to fix it? Listen:

Driving used to be fun. Now it's just bumper to bumper doldrums, holding your nose from all the fumes. Is this any way to live, to breathe, to fill your lungs with the stuff of life? Nope, didn't think so. So why has it been so hard to - get this: "plastic batteries - ceramic engines." And presto, voilà, long range 100% pure electric cars. Light, small and fast, really fast... EVs have instant torque, which means they instantly put all their energy into the wheels. Translation: a well tuned EV can get past a Ferrari at a stop light a split second before the rich bastard has his tires spinning. Don't believe me? Check out the Viper vs EV standing start race in the video section of the Electrifying Times website!

While in Europe DaimlerChrysler has sold nearly 200,000 Smarts, they are still not being sold in the US. How do you figure that? The public wants them, but Washington's dreaded Department of Transportation will not allow them on the roads, even though they are in fact safer than most, built as tough as Formula One cars! This made me think. Bumper Cars? Why can't we simply place wide rubber padding all around cars and drive like idiots if we wanted to, bouncing off of each other like little kids at a carnival? Wouldn't that be a goof? It would be so much fun, we'd completely forget about passé gasoline. How yesterday.

And then, when the FAA finally gives inventor Moller the right to mass produce his Skycar, we'd take traffic three-dimensional, like in the silent movie Metropolis, or the Jetsons cartoon, rip up all the asphalt, so worms and other wildlife would no longer find sad end as squished road kill! Now that would be urban planning. But we're too busy playing games, football, soccer, baseball, to think about restoring anything, let alone our cities, making them livable again. We're like the Romans, in their arenas, while the lead in their pipes was slowly poisoning them to death...

Remy C.
Electrifying Times - webmaster