With the the destruction of the environment by the Bush Administration's failure to pass fuel efficiency standards (Kerry strongly supported CAFE standards), giving huge tax credits of gas guzzling SUV's, starting the war over oil to cover their ass for the above failures, thus creating high fuel prices that is causing airlines and other energy intensive business to go bankrupt, putting an economic strain on the average citizen's transportation and heating budget, and more. The situation has gone CRAZY to informed US Citizens and most of the rest of the world.

- John Kerry and John Lennon at Give Peace a Chance Concert in Toronto 1969 -

Dear Readers;

Attached are some buttons and sign that represents some energy agendas of the Bush Administration. As Editor and Publisher of Electrifying Times I have always had a concern about the the effects of mankind and its use of modern living conveniences such as automobiles, energy systems for dwellings, businesses, air transportation, military activities and the likes.

When I got a couple of technical degrees from a major higher ed institution in Oregon back in the mid 60's I went to work for the Environmental Protection Agency even before it was the EPA. During my tenure under the Nixon Administration it did in fact become the EPA. Russell Train became the first Administrator of the EPA and
under him I was involved in air pollution control activities while other Departments were involved with overseeing water pollution solid waste control, etc. President encouraged these activities as they were part of protecting the nations health from adverse pollutants.

Many regulations were passed at that time to protect the nations environment and additional regulations continued to the turn of this century. Recently (08/05) I heard Russell Train being interviewed by Al Franken on the O'Franken Factor Show. Russell Train made the strong comment that the recent Bush Administration has been so blatant in deregulating these Environmental Protection Laws such as the Clean Air and Water Quality Acts. In all over 300 regulations have been overturned, deregulated or delegated to non enforcement status. Never before has there been such a anti-environmental administration.

Russell Train (author of Politics, Pollution and Pandas: An Environmental Memoir) indicated he came from a strong Republican family and has voted Republican most of his life. He indicated for the first time he is going to vote democratic and for Sen. Kerry as president. He could not stand for more environmental disasters which will undoubtedly occur as the result of a second term of the Bush Administration.

Feel free to download, print out and pass on (forward) these buttons and signs to your friends. The Defeat Bush The Environmental Terrorist! button represents the sentiments of Russell Train and myself and, I am sure, of other environmental sensitive individuals. The sign Thank Bush for High Gas Prices is a reflection of the effects of the Iraq War which in part are to blame for oil shortages.

We were getting a million barrels/day from Iraq but due to oil interruptions from insurgents blowing up the pipelines and the huge amounts of gas and diesel being used by our military to fight a war far away, these activities have put a crimp in our gas supplies. This is not the only reason for higher gas prices. The Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress have failed to pass fuel efficiency standards which has resulted the proliferation of SUV's and large PU's, which consume at least twice the fuel of a normal vehicle. With thousands of new SUV's on the road each month, they are hoarding the gas pumps and roadways helping to raise gas prices. Our nations refining capacity has been pushed to the limit. Trying to catch up with our gas guzzling demands, has also caused a shortage of fuel oil for winter heating and hence higher prices. There other reasons for high gas prices but I believe most agree that we have to thank Bush for high gas prices!

Again feel free to download and print out these tokens about the Bush Administration and keep checking back to www.electrifyingtimes.com for information as to what individuals and companies are doing around the world to make us less dependent on fossil fuels for transportation. Propulsion technology information about electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and fuel cell powered vehicles are presented daily.

Bruce Meland
Editor and Publisher
Electrifying Times

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