GM Expands EV1 Inductive Charging Infrastructure to Central California,
Supports EV1 Club's Growing Activities

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Sept. 2 -/E-Wire/-- General Motors (NYSE: GM) has taken a positive step to expand California's EV charging infrastructure by helping establish the first public inductive charging station outside of the GM EV1 electric car's market area.

The station, located in picturesque San Luis Obispo on the Central California coast, is found in the downtown parking lot of FirstBank of San Luis Obispo. GM teamed up with FirstBank, Edison EV, Thoma Electric, and San Luis Obispo-based Green Car Group to make this charging location a reality.

"This is a great fit for FirstBank and the city," says David R. Booker, president and vice-chairman of FirstBank of San Luis Obispo. "The Central Coast is a very environmentally-conscious region and FirstBank prides itself in being a good corporate citizen. Supporting the use of clean electric vehicles in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding area is simply the right thing to do, and we're pleased to help lead the way with the region's first public EV charging station at our bank."

The market areas where General Motors' EV1 electric cars are leased presently fall within well-defined urban areas. These include the Greater Los Angeles region, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Phoenix, and Tucson. The effort to establish a network of public chargers is typically aimed within these market areas.

According to GM, the reason for establishing an inductive station in Central California is simple: Readily-available public chargers not only encourage drivers to step up to an electric vehicle, but additionally extend the service range of an EV. Establishing a charging station outside of the market area is a trend-setting move that's sure to serve as a benchmark for others involved in electric vehicle infrastructure development.

"Central California has long been a 'black hole' for charging," says EV1 owner Michael Schwabe, the first EV1 driver to use the new charging station. "This new station makes road trips from Northern to Southern California a lot easier."

Schwabe's leisurely trip from the San Francisco area to the EV1 Club's Labor Day weekend rally through Malibu in Southern California included a series of strategically selected charging opportunities along the way. While EVs are not designed for such long-distance travel, "they are ideal for commuting," he adds. "Given a challenge, EV1 drivers will always push the envelope, as did 'Ellen' sitcom writer Kris Trexler on his record setting EV1 run from Los Angeles to Lansing, Michigan, last summer."

The EV1 Club's latest rally, which begins in Oxnard and winds through Malibu, Santa Monica, and ultimately Hollywood, Westwood, and L.A.'s Miracle Mile on Sunday, September 5, is drawing many electric vehicle enthusiasts from across the state. Participants include actor/activist Ed Begley, Jr., an EV1 owner who regularly charges his car at home with a solar powered Magne-Charge inductive charger.

It's no surprise that this concept of combining clean electric propulsion with renewable energy has caught the imagination of environmental groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists. An important part of the UCS mission is to work for change nationally and globally to improve the environment in ways that preserve health and enhance quality of life. It's the Union of Concerned Scientists' view that most driving needs, ranging from daily commuting to trips to the grocery store, can be met easily and cleanly with electric vehicles.

"When powered by renewable energy, like wind and solar, an electric car becomes the cleanest vehicle on the read," says Donald Aitken, EV1 owner and senior staff scientist of the Union of Concerned Scientists' Energy Program. "Charging electric cars with renewable energy enables people to promote environmentally responsible choices for transportation and energy simultaneously."

With its advanced nickel-metal-hydride batteries and second-generation powerplant, GM's 1999 EV1 offers the greatest range, power, and performance of any production electric vehicle. The EV1 is distinguished as the first production electric vehicle offered to consumers since 1996.

EV1 owners range from auto enthusiasts, environmentalists, and business owners to Hollywood actors and actresses like Suzanne Sommers, Alexandra Paul, Danny DeVito, Ted Danson, Kevin Nealon, and of course Ed Begley, as well as entertainers like Barry Manilow and former "Monkees" star Michael Nesmith.

"I've been driving electric cars off and on since 1970, and I know a great car when I see one," says Begley. "I've had the EV1 for nearly three years now and will be showing it off Labor Day weekend in the Malibu rally. Come join me and see the car of the future!"

For additional details on the electric vehicle rally and other EV1 Club activities, reference the Club's Web site at . Information on the EV1 is available from GM's toll free EV1 information line at 800-25-ELECTRIC or via the Internet at the EV1 Web site at

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