Electrifying Times
Calendar Girl Project
(Nothing Should Be Sexier Than The Car!)


Electrifying Times Needs You!!! 

Grab a Digital Camera and Send ET Your Best Shots! 

Models, photographers,
EV owners and builders
 interested in participating
in the
EVe Pin-up Calendar Project
please contact:
Remy Chevalier


EVe Calendar
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Beauty and the Zenn in SoCa
Greenemotor's Pink Scooter 
Trish & Gaylord Zap The Hollywood Hills  
Fierce Visits the Wrightspeed X1 Prototype 
Rebecca Bowering KillaCycle Pit Crew 
Photographer Gaylord Hill Heats Up EV's  
EV(e) 2008 Sneak Peek Pre-Production Shoot 
Adrienne Janic at Phoenix Motorcars Party 
Betcee May Revs Up Honda's Civic Hybrid  
Angela Lindvall Steps Into OZOcar

Jessica & Mallory Do The Lexus Hybrids
Hybrids at the 2005 Academy Awards

Maria DeVivo's Patriotic T-Shirt
Rebecca Caldwell's Carthedral
Kronosport's Sassy Pizza Delivery Girl
Toyota Goes Hybrid Babe Crazy!!!
ION Scooter Girl 
Lepton Scooter Girl 
Heather Anderson Smoke Out! 
SoBe Groov-E-Skootz Osmeil
Zap Cars in Maxim Magazine
Carlsbad  EV Show Mystery Girl
Electric Louie's eXkate Gal

The G-Spot Girls and Their E-Bike  

Maria Mendez Models The Prius
Crystalina at Woodburn
Preview 2004 Cover Girl Julie Kopkowski
Corina Logan and the Graffgan Organization

ET 2000 Calendar