If you have been lurking at our website for sometime and are not sure whether Ev's are for real or whether you might want to purchase one someday, here is a chance to drive one. Just call Budget 1-877-EV-RENTAL and make a reservation for an EV1, Toyota, RAV4 EV, Daimler Chrysler EPIC Van, Honda EV Plus, or Electric Ford Ranger PU. Just fly in or drive to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and rent it. The electric vehicles will be offered at a special introductory rate of $39.95/day, making them as easy on your pocket book as they are on the environment. The L.A. Department of Water and Power will also add an Electric Bus to Budget's shuttle bus fleet at LAX. The "gas" really "electricity" is free for your EV rental, as 300 charging stations are already in place in Southern California, making charging easy and convenient. You will be given a map showing the general locations of the charging stations and a list of specific addresses as to the exact location of these charging stations.. Such a deal!! Why not give it a try
Electric Vehicle or Hybrid Electric
vehicle of the future? Maybe the
Plymouth Sidewinder?

Actors and environmental activists Ed Begley Jr. and Alexandra Paul attend the launch of electric vehicle rentals at Budget-Rent-A-Car's LAX location.
NOTE: Oil stains on the cement will not occur with an electric vehicle.

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