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CBS News Catches On To The MTBE Disaster

CBS News Correspondent Jim Axelrod has new information on a story CBS News' Steve Kroft reported Sunday night on 60 Minutes.
The story concerns a gasoline additive called MTBE, and it spells trouble -- for drinking water. How bad is it? It could make you wonder about what's coming out of the tap and how it got there.
Methyl tertiary butyl ether is a mouthful to say. It may also be our greatest unfolding environmental challenge. This chemical, added to gasoline for cleaner air, is now polluting a great deal of the nation's drinking water.
As reported on 60 Minutes, 21 states have had wells shut down due to MTBE groundwater contamination.
"It's been shown, unequivocally, to cause cancer. We want testing for the presence of MTBE where it's found. We want clean-up if it can be cleaned up, and we want damages for people who's properties were damaged," declares Lewis Saul, one of the lawyers now suing big oil on behalf of well owners.
Ten years ago, Congress passed the Clean Air Act, requiring gasoline to burn cleaner. The oil companies chose to blend MTBE into gasoline to meet the new standards.
But that created a problem. This chemical spreads quickly when mixed into groundwater, which happens with leaky underground storage tanks all the time. Almost every state in the nation has found MTBE in their ground water. California alone has 10,000 MTBE-contaminated sites.
New York has identified some 1500 sites, 400 of them on Long Island alone. "This will undoubtedly be proven to be the worst single area with MTBE problems affecting drinking water. The reason is that these people, three million of them, have no alternative source of water," says Walter Hang, an expert in water contamination.
Studies are now underway to determine the human health risk. As for who's responsible, the oil companies say their hands were tied. "There's a law out there that requires reformulated gasoline contain 2% by rate of oxygen," says Bob Campbell, CEO of Sunoco. "And the only practical alternative I have in order to comply with that law, is that we use MTBE."
Until Congress acts to fix the mess, the problem will be addressed state by state, lawsuit by lawsuit.

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Could MTBE End Life As We Know It In The US?
From: RuMills@aol.com

MTBE -The End of Food Production In America!
By Ru Mills and Brother Mills

If MTBE contaminates all water supplies in the United States...
How will we grow our food?
If MTBE is not removed from gasoline in the United States within the next six months, it may be too late to save our water and our way of life.
In the opinion of RMNews, MTBE is part of the NWO's plan to turn the United States into a Third World country.
If our water is contaminated with a chemical that causes cancer, then we will not be able to drink it, bathe in it or USE IT TO GROW THE FOOD WE EAT.
On January 13th, an RMNews Agent posted a story on the Rumor Mill News Forum titled,
"The End of Agriculture in America"
According to Steven Blank, Ph.D., in his book, "The End of Agriculture in the American Portfolio," America is going out of the business of agriculture and he has the numbers and projections to prove it.
Blank, a professor with the Agriculture and Resource Economics Department at UC Davis, maintains that America simply cannot afford to participate in high-risk, low-return industries like agriculture, and for that reason, agricultural production in America is destined to end.
"America doing agriculture is a bit like a Ph.D. doing child's work-- it's a waste!"
In my opinion, "The End of Agriculture in America" is a strategic plan by the New World Order to reduce America to a dependent nation. No country that depends on others for food has ever survived!!!
The attack on the America food system is just beginning. Not only do we face the possibility of complete contamination of our water supplies with MTBE from gasoline, but we also have strange weather patterns that destroy our crops, E-Coli contamination, bacteria and viruses that are growing in our soils, terminator seeds, genetically engineered Frankenfoods and a public that is COMPLETELY oblivious to all of it!!!
It will be too late when the food riots start. The time to stop this is now. We don't have a year. In a year MTBE will have seeped into more than half of our water wells. If we wait, we lose... we lose everything!
The CBS News Magazine 60 Minutes ran a segment on MTBE last Sunday. My brother has written a synopsis of it, for those who missed it.
Ru Mills
Review of the 60 Minutes' Report on MTBE and The Contamination of Water in the United States
By Brother Mills, The Elder
If you missed 60 minutes Sunday night, here is what I can  remember...
Plus.... I have already done my letter writing, calling for shutdown of the EPA. Plus locally, The shutdown of CARB. (California Air Resources Board)
The main thrust of the 60 Minutes program concerning MTBE was the fact that the EPA has known since 1980 that MTBE is a carcinogen and has polluted ground water wells across the nation to the extent that the water is unsafe for human consumption. The fact that MTBE is an insidious chemical should have prompted complete testing before it was forced on the American people.
The contamination first started showing up on the east coast. I believe it was Long Island that had to have all of their water wells closed.
All of Santa Monica's water wells are contaminated. Drinking water has to be trucked in. The list of water well contamination is too long for me to remember. 49 states are affected by the contamination.
Closer to home (Sacramento), it is the Tahoe basin that has reported
contaminated water wells and some have had to be shut down.
The MTBE, as I understand, was found to be leaking from underground fuel tanks in 1980. This prompted a massive undergroud fuel tank testing and replacement scam directed by the EPA. The dollar cost of the replacement tanks has forced most of the Independent gas station owners out of business nationwide, leaving the major oil companies with little competition for gas pricing. Was this planned?
I learned from a commentary by one of the late Sunday night talk show hosts that prior to the introduction of MTBE in our gasoline, that underground fuel tank leakage was not a problem. Nature takes care of petroleum product gound spills in the form of bacteria and micro-organisms that feed on petroleum. The tanks only had to be replaced when gasoline was found in water wells, which was rare.
It was the MTBE that ate up the seals etc. in the fuel tanks causing them to leak! Knowing all this, the EPA still forced this billion dollar fuel tank replacement scam on the American people. Why didn't the EPA stop the use of MTBE instead?
The new, half-million-dollar-EPA-approved fuel tanks, are leaking because of the MTBE. Why haven't our politicians and so called saviours of the environment like the Sierra Club etc. protected us from the EPA?
One reason that was discussed on the talk show was the massive profits being reaped by the oil companies by selling us gasoline diluted with 5 parts of MTBE per gallon here in California. The Federal requirement is 2 parts per gallon of MTBE. MTBE is a by product of refining and was previously discarded as waste. (Like Fluoride until THEY decided to add it to our water to slowly
poison us. Ru Mills wrote an article stating that fluoride enhances whatever chemical is it used with. What does water contaminated with fluoride do to a body when the water is also contaminated with MTBE?)
ARCO invented the so called reformulated gas and patented it. If MTBE is so cheap to produce, Why are our gas prices so high here in California?
MTBE has been a problem for 20 years. Why hasn't the media reported this until now?
Several months ago a group went to the Capitol in protest of MTBE. The next day the Sacrament Bee headlined an article written by the infamous Air Resources Board telling us the benefits of MTBE and praising the oil companies.
Why were we lied to by our state government? Gov. Wilson and the state legislature were briefed on the MTBE problem several years ago, but nothing was done. Gov. Davis is thoroughly briefed on the problem and is doing nothing.
Mrs Wilson now has a high paying job on the ARCO board of governors. Do the oil companies own the Governor and state  legislature? Perhaps all the way to the Whitehouse. One can only speculate.
Brother Mills, The Elder