Hollywood Celebs and their EVs
By Remy Chevalier
Actress Yasmine Bleeth has been driving a Model Z Roadster on actor Don Johnsonís top rated TV show Nash Bridges last season. It airs Friday at 10 PM EST on CBS. "Don got my character an electric car," Bleeth told the Austin (Texas) American Statesman in an interview. "He was very adamant about it. The car was originally white, but we actually had some guys -- some paint guys -- come up with some different paint chips to match the exact color of my eyes. So it is kind of a Yasmine-blue car."

But TV is the only place youíll see this sporty sparkle blue convertible two-seater driven by her character Caitlin Cross. Numerous requests over the last few months by Electrifying Times and the rest of the EV press has failed to produce a photo still of Yasmine and her EV from their publicity department. Maybe the fact that the car is regularly the butt of character Nash Bridgesís jokes might have something to do with it! Or maybe Mr. Johnson is afraid not being able to meet the demand the extra publicity would generate for the vehicle.
There are in fact are rumors that actor Don Johnson is interested in mass producing the car. Zebra Motors Inc. built the car you see on the show every week. Their manufacturing facility is located at the former Alameda Naval Air Station in San Francisco, where CalStart is based, near the studio lot where the show is filmed. The name of the company has changed from Zebra to Xebra Motors Inc. The Model Z Roadster was originally designed and built by Renaissance Motors Inc., formally Tropica, in Palm Beach, Fla.

Web it Out:

Go to www.electrifyingtimes.com/nash.html and email a petition to the Nash Bridges show so they will finally send us a photo of Yasmine and her EV!!!

Another Hollywood celeb ET has been seeking a picture of is Suzanne Somers of "Threeís Company" and "Butt-Master" fame. She revealed on a segment of Candid Camera, which she co-hosts, that she is the proud owner of a GM EV-1 in Palm Springs. But here again her publicist has failed to deliver a photo after three months of persistent requests.

Itís quite difficult to promote EVs if the public figures who have a serious interest in zero-emission transportation fail to provide the EV press with a simple snap shot! So if any of our readers want to start playing paparazzi, the time has come for Electrifying Times to offer hefty rewards for photographs of any celebrity with their EVs!

Update: Since this article went to press in our New Millennium edition I discovered the Budget EV Rental website had some photos of celebs and EVs. In this case Ed Begley Jr. and Alexandra Paul. They gave ET, not Entertainment Tonight mind you, but yours truly, authorization to use a few pictures. So I picked this one. If you want to see more, just click: http://www.evrental.com/frame5.html and urge them to send more.