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Here's a picture of the Shelby (formerly G4) Golf Car. Planet Electric was marketing it as the G4, and although it uses Chaz Haba's patented proprietary power train system, I believe there are still some ongoing disputes as to how NuPow'r will be able to market it. 

It really is the Rolls Royce of golf cars, hence Carroll Shelby agreeing to lending his name to the vehicle. See: for clues.

In addition, you may find some other good shots from my web gallery -

There has yet to be a complete catalog of NuPowr products made though I have tried to compile photos I have taken over the past year. Once manufacturing contracts are in order, I believe there will be more to share with Electrifying Times.

To clarify, NuPow'r LLC will probably not be doing any manufacturing themselves. The strategy will be more of licensing existing companies to do that, thereby avoiding the excessive costs, etc..

I'm excited by the prospects of seeing great success with the overall technology, (Li-on battery packs, frictionless gearing, motors, etc.) . . . but like most things today . . . nothing is certain . . . except for death and paying taxes.

As Chaz shared with me the other day, he said, "I am sticking with what I know and not going too far out on a limb, or being too adventurous . . . I've been burned too many times."

I guess that sums everything up pretty well at the moment. It's understandable that anyone would want to stay focused on what is actually making money and avoid the temptations of venturing too far away from what is already working.

Nevertheless, the R&D at Lithium House is an ongoing procedure and I saw some really 'neat' stuff being developed for other companies as applied to
their own design concepts.

The Hardly Davidson is a good example of that; with another great design on an Italian Motor Scooter like the Vespa.

I guess the European EV market is much more interested in new technology than here in America apparently. And the Pacific rim countries probably even more so. We shall see.

The Tuffy Truck is shown in its basic form (without panels, etc), but it does give a good view of the EV chassis that can have any number of different body shapes adapted to it. (Flat-bed pick-up, SUV, Campervan, etc, etc.)

It employs 4WD and has a top speed of about 35-50 mph and retails for about $18K.

(Not cheap, but a working prototype of what is possible using the Chaz Haba Power System.)

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