Chinese EVS-16 Organizers Answer Security Concerns
Secretary General of EVAA, AVERE, EVAAP and JEVA

Dear Sir or Madam,                            May 28,1999

You will be pleased to know that all are progressing well in the organization of the 16th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-16). We have been receiving very enthusiastic response to the second announcement and we expect that premiere participation of experts in the field of EV will be drawn from all over the world through the efforts and networks of all members in the Committees.

Despite of the recent incident in Yugoslavia the Chinese government has assured and guaranteed that the personal safety of foreign tourists, including those from the United Stated and other Nato countries and the safety of their property will be effectively protected.

In fact no incident involving US tourist has occurred in China so far. Everything here is going in order according to plan.

China is keen to promote friendship and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect trust, equality and mutual benefit. The reform and open policy in China has been well carried out.

The Chinese Government has thought highly of EVS-16 and supported in all the various aspects. The presence of superior government officials and important guests is also expected at this significant event.

We firmly believe that EVS-16 will be well held in October on schedule.

My members and myself are determined to ensure that your stay in Beijing will be fruitful and enjoyable.

We look forward to meeting you at this significant event in October in Beijing.

Sincerely yours,

LAI Jian
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of EVS-16
To all members of the International Steering Committee

The recent incident in Yugoslavia has caused concern of some of the members and they are worried whether this would affect the EVS-16 to be held in October in Beijing.

Please be assured that members of the Organizing Committee and myself are determined to ensure that the event will be held as scheduled and your participation in the event will be a fruitful one. Enclosed please find a letter from the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Prof. LAI Jian and I would appreciate it if you could disseminate this information to your colleagues whom you feel would be interested in the Symposium.

I look forward to your presence and send you my best regards.

Kind regards,

C. C. Chan
World Electric Vehicle Association,
Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific