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EVLN (China To Roll Out First Electric Car Next Year)

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China To Roll Out First Electric Car Next Year 11/19/1999 China Online Copyright (C) 1999 China Online; Source: World Reporter (TM)

China plans to develop the nation's first electric car by June, 2000, the November 14 Shanghai Qiche Bao (Shanghai Automotive News) reported.

The research is part of a drive to make Chinese transportation more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Beijing recently completed a three year effort to convert all of the city's railways top electric power.

The plan is ambitious for a country that in January only will start requiring all new domestically produced vehicles to be equipped with catalytic converters and run on unleaded gasoline.

Nonetheless, it is the beginning of an effort to tackle China's enormous auto pollution problems, which is the main culprit behind the pollution in large urban areas. Cars are responsible for 80% of all carbon monoxide in China, and currently air quality standards for new cars are set at 1970's European standards.

China is also jointly researching electric vehicles with Toyota. This includes work on fuel sources for electric cars such as lithium batteries and zinc-air batteries, the article said. Research on mixed-fuel vehicles is also underway, the article said.

The source of the news is the State Machinery Bureau's Guidebook on Key Technologies and Commercialization of the Clean Automobiles.
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