Confidential Technologies/Direct Electronics
Flint, Michigan

Report from Bruce Meland:

   Confidential Technologies/Direct Electronics has developed a super efficient rotating transformer. It can dramatically step up electricity from the wall when it passes through a super efficient rotating transformer, using a 110 V or 220 V electric power supply. The 110v to 3 phase units are more efficient than 220v to 3 phase units. The 220v to 3 phase unit power supply would be best suited for heavy loads like quick electric vehicle battery charging. The unit is basically a 3 Hp generator that can create 3 phase industrial power. 12/2 common house wire can be used with a 30 amp breaker without the wires getting hot. CT/DE refers to the technology as cold electricity. Also the industrial motors using this new type of electrical power, use far less power to operate and never get hot!

   Most three phase motors do get quite warm in conventional operations. For example the CT/DE 3 hp motor that runs their industrial air compressor requires about 390 watts to operate to 160 psi. In a conventional situation 2200 watts would be required to operate the 3 Hp. motor. The air compressor calls for a conventional 5 hp motor which would require 3650 watts to operate in a normal  situation. Confidential Technologies will make a larger 220v inverter version for Better World Technologies' Sundance generator system. This technology will relieve the heavy demands presently being placed on the power grids nationwide. Confidential Technologies is negotiating with several companies world wide for licensing agreements.

   The CT inverter can also be a separate product for people that need three phase in many situations where the power utilities do not provide it. CT has also developed advanced electro-dynamic equations to better define the process and are also developing more advanced electricity delivery systems. The present higher math, taught at most universities cannot explain the new CT/DE process. CT's breakthrough is also light years beyond textbook electro-dynamics presently taught to physicists and electrical engineers world wide.

   Electricity from the grid has wasted kinetic energy contained in the delivery process. According to Confidential Technologies this energy is not presently being used. CT knows how to utilize the excess electrical magnetic energy in the form of magnetic flux and plasma fields that are being created in the process. Confidential Technologies also claim that free electrons are also being captured from the environment which also makes the process more efficient.

   The question to you the reader is: From where do the electrons come, and do many researchers know about magnetic flux and plasma fields that are being created by the rotating inverter-transformer? I have been to Flint Mi. and saw the unit being demonstrated. They claim the unit has been in operation for several years. It appeared that it has had extensive use.

   Nicola Tesla, the greatest inventor of all time, invented the majority of the technology. Confidential Technologies, a company that could possibly become a  major company in the energy conservation field, was able to figure out and refine the rotating transformer process J. P. Morgan and George Westinghouse stopped Tesla from marketing by cutting off his financing. Standard Oil knew he could create viable electric cars so they gave interest free money to Henry Ford to make internal combustion engines. Too many internal combustion engines world wide mandates radial technology advances from entering the marketplace.

Direct Electronics
1815 Davidson Rd.
Flint, Michigan 48506

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