Electrifying Times Publisher Bruce Meland Visits the Tilley Compound
Dec 7th 2002

Pix courtesy of Doug Littlefield

The Tilley Foundation had planned on scheduling a 450 mile demonstration run on a freeway near Lebanon TN where the Tilley Foundation has their headquarters. 

A large foreign corporation approached the Tilley Foundation recently about doing extensive tests to verify the unusual claims of unusual distances achieved by the Electric DeLorean as well as the self generating device that powers their shop. 

The shop generating device is different technology but similar in scope. Well after extensive tests the foreign corporation verified that the technology was real and are in negotiation with the Tilley Foundation to purchase the technology. 

The foreign corporation asked Carl Tilley and the Tilley Foundation that no further demonstrations be made. 

I did get a chance to do an extensive interview with Carl Tilley and some members of the Tilley Foundation and I file a full report at a later date when the Tilley Foundation releases more information as far as who the company is who purchases the technology, as well as the reasons for the negative stories written by a disgruntled past partner with Carl Tilley in a previous business relationship. 

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Bruce Meland, editor and publisher, on the road at the EVAA Exposition in Hollywood, Florida. 

Stay tuned for coverage of this EVent.

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