Diesel-Engine-Makers' Settlement to Cost $1B

- To settle claims their diesel-truck engines grossly violate federal Clean Air Act rules, seven firms agreed to a $1 billion settlement with the U.S. EPA and the California Air Resources Board, report the Los Angeles Times.

Marketing the largest civil penalty ever for environ-mental-law violations, the firms will pay $834. Million in fines, $109 million for clean-fuel research projects and at least $850 million to produce cleaner engin4es by October 2002. The firms include Detroit Diesel, Cummings Engine Co. Inc. Navistar International, Caperillar inc., Mack Trucks Inc. Renault Vehicles Industrials and Volvo Truck Corp. The companies reportedly used engine soft-ware that allows 1.3 million trucks built since 1988 to produce 3/4 times more emissions on the road than in testing. A recall wasn't ordered, but the software must be fixed when engines are rebuilt.
From CalStart News Notes 10/22/98.