The Sparrow Goes To Work!

Sparrow dealer and Domino's Pizza restaurant owner Wally Wilcox will debut the all new Sparrow 2000 at the Domino's Pizza Worldwide Rally & Global Awards being held in Las Vegas this month! After the show, Wally plans on putting his Sparrow into service as a delivery vehicle at his local Domino's Pizza shop.

Please check the dealer locator or contact Michael D'Andrea. to find your closest Sparrow or Merlin dealer!

Bruce Meland, editor of electrifying times just visited the Electric Sparrow at the Corbin factory near Hollister Calif. Their assembly line is producing 1 Sparrow a day and soon to go to two a day. They are still taking orders though they continue to have a 6-8 month waiting list.

A Japaneese company wanted to deposit 1 million dollars for 70 orders paid in full and but they had to turn them down. Corbin's main business is making motorcycle seats, they refer to them as saddles. They have 200 employees making saddles and about 20 on the Sparrow assembly line. They are starting to fill orders to Dominos Pizza for pizza deliverys.

KoWah Mfg of Hong Kong has signed a deal with Corbin to make a remote control mini Sparrow. The mini Sparrow will be on sale at Radio Shack and Target Stores by the Christmas Hollidays 2000. Watch Dark Angel
(a weekly show) on the Sci Fi Channel and you will see a electric Sparrow.

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